Activate PayPal Using PayMaya


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  1. Bea says:

    Hi they deducted 100pesos from my PayMaya when I tried to link it to Paypal. How long does it take for me to have a refund, its been more than 2 days.

  2. Michael angelo says:

    Nasan po yung expiration date and csc number ng virtual card ko to connect to paypal

  3. Jenn says:

    Hello po ask ko lang po if i can use my my bank card here abroad na naklink sa paypal account k po..para malink k sa paymaya or as in PH bank lang dapat?

  4. marlon says:

    ni link ko paymaya ko sa paypal but ganito sinabi “This card is not accepted. Please use a different card.” paano po ba ma link?

  5. Macy says:

    Ano ang i-link ko sa paypal, is it the physical or virtual card? My purpose in the future is to upgrade my paymaya account para maka withdraw ako ng cash using my payamaya physical card.

  6. PRL says:

    Hi! Can I use paymaya to verify a “Buy with Paypal” account? Thanks!

  7. carmelita says:

    where i can see the paymaya bank code? number? for i can link to my paypal?

    • coderinthebox says:

      PayMaya is not a bank and never will be a bank.

      It just takes a few minutes to read and understand that you have a virtual/physical VISA/Mastercard card. By logic, if you have a VISA/Mastercard then you should be linking a card.

  8. Gracy says:

    Paymaya how can I totally upgrade my registration in my physical and virtual card? I cannot transfer money into another paymaya account. I already received the registration id via sms then what’s next

  9. jin says:

    where can i find the 4 digit paypal code?


  11. JC says:

    Pa help po bakit hindi ko ma link paymaya ko sa paypal, declined by user or use other card daw. May laman paymaya ko mga 1400 pesos pero ayaw parin mag link. Pa help po

  12. danruffy says:

    Hi, can I ask help through here? I’d like you to see these images I saved. I’m really really new to paymay, and also to banking. So the jargons are a bit too much for me here.

    Here’s my wallet.. I’ve already linked paymaya here:
    Here’s my inbox from paypal:
    I followed the latter:
    Now this is the last part:

    I actually don’t have a bank account. And I don’t really have the money for it. I made the paypal to accept donations for a medical fundraiser. My family got into an accident. And, I can’t withdraw or send the fund. Will you please help me? My family is really in need of the donations we received. Please please.. help. We’re nearly reaching the 7-digit mark, and I’m really freaking out. 4 of our family members are in the hospital due to a road accident. Please help me. If i have to beg, I will.

    I’ll post here my email. I hope others won’t play with it.

    • coderinthebox says:

      PayMaya is not a bank, it is a prepaid credit card/debit card.

      You can’t cash out any money from PayMaya if your account is not upgraded and PayMaya have a max cash in amount of P100,000.

  13. IMEE NALLA says:

    what is bank code of PAYMAYA

  14. Archie says:

    Pay Maya virtual credit card(VCC) can use for payment in google play developer console (

    • coderinthebox says:

      As long as the website can accept VISA or Mastercard, PayMaya will work.

      • Archimedese says:

        thanks for reply… are you sure? because i will do it by paying $25 into google play developer console….

  15. Tine says:

    Hi how muc ang withdrawal fee kapag ng withdraw ng money from paypal to paymaya?

    • coderinthebox says:

      Usually it is P250.00 per transaction, PayMaya often have promos bringing the charge down approximately to P100. It is PayPal that charges P250 as service fee.

  16. charlie tango says:

    Hi, may binili ako sa japanese online gamit paymaya, na canceled for refund and na deduct na yung pera sa paymaya ko. Mga ilang araw kaya abutin bago ko ma tangap yung refund from international online seller? Thank you po.

  17. cafelavablog says:

    Hi, How long would it take bago ma refund yung test fee and verification fee na binawas ng paypal sa pay maya ko? Thanks!

  18. walter says:

    Hello, i just want to ask what is the bank code and bank name for my paymaya visa card? Bcs paypal asking it everytime i tried to link my card as bank account.

  19. Nina Gong says:

    hello, pwde po ba patulong? medyo naguguluhan kase ako e. na-linked kona ung visa card ko sa paypal tapos nag withdraw ako at ngaun pending pa rin sya. pero wala akong na recieve na txt o code ba un para sa paypal? tapos hindi rin nabawasan ung balance ko sa paymaya.. pero naka tanggap ako ng txt galing sa paymaya na ”oops! something seems to have gone wrong with your paypal 40 payment. .. ibig po ba sabihin hndi sya succesful na nalink? paano po kaya ung fund na naka pending ung withdraw ko kahapon? tulong naman please//

  20. Raphael Alipio says:

    Pag na verify na po yung card ko sa PayPal then yung 200 pesos mababalik sa balance ko or not?

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