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  1. Raymart Amoranto says:

    Hi bro! I just wanna ask If I can use my paymaya card in abroad? Thanks.

    Example nag load ako dito sa pinas ng 2k balance can I use it in south korea?

    • coderinthebox says:

      Yes, but you can’t load it up in South Korea. As long as the establishment accepts VISA/Mastercard electronic

  2. Jovie says:

    hello po lahat po ba ng smart padala outlet pweding magsend ng pera sa paymaya account ko? last time kc my client use smart padala to pay sa paymaya ko, sabi dw ng store hindi dw pwede kulang dw ung account number.. pwd ko bamg gamitin ung virtual card number ko to receive money? thank you

    • coderinthebox says:

      All SmartPadala outlets and even personal SmartPadala accounts can send to PayMaya. SmartMoney already migrated to PayMaya. Ung store na yan ay holder lang ng personal SmartMoney at yang mga store na yan na nagpapaggap na SmartPadala center ay gumagawa ng sariling rules nila. Yan ang rason kung bakit iphaseout na ang SmartMoney para mawala sila na cause ng napakaraming issues. VIP account holders na lang at corporate SmartMoney owners (Tunay na SmartPadala centers) ang me working SmartMoney after June, 2017.

  3. xrafe says:

    can my friend and my family load my paymaya account from abroad?

  4. kaizen says:

    magkano po charge from Paymaya to Smartpadala transaction? thanks in advance

  5. Jeaneil Criscia says:

    Smart Money to PayMaya. I Send using my Smart Money. Pero yan po lumabas.

    Transaction was rejected. The Payment terminal may not be able to accept your transaction at this time.PLEASE HELP ?

  6. Kimmy says:

    Hi, Good Morning. pano po yung upgrade ng paymaya through video call?

  7. Yen says:

    I lost my paymaya card and i bought a new one, inaadd ko yung new card ko sa app pero yung naka lagay na virtual card ko yung old pa din? Gusto ko sana yung bago na lang. Is it possible?

  8. Efren says:

    I am trying to load up my acct but it says “transaction was rejected, the payment terminal may not be able to accept your transaction at this time” need help..

    • coderinthebox says:

      You already got the answer, the method you are trying to use to send money to load up PayMaya is offline or disconnect to PayMaya at that time.

  9. Arvie Pagtakhan Bernal says:

    Hi, what if I used a postpaid mobile number and the contract was ended? Could I still use my PayMaya both virtual at physical?

  10. Regina says:

    Hi 🙂 na upgrade ko na po yung paymaya ko. Nag try po ako mag withdraw thru bdo atm pero ayaw po e read yung card ko. Ask ko lang din po pwede ba ako mag withdraw sa kahit anung atm machine? Thanks po!

    • coderinthebox says:

      You need to link your PayMaya card to your PayMaya account. You can withdraw using any ATM for a flat fee of P15.

      • Ac says:

        hi how many days para makareceive ng confirmation text na naupgrade na? Wala pa rin kasi nag tetext sakin..

      • coderinthebox says:

        Nag paupgrade ka na? Upgrading is free. You need to have a video call with PayMaya, visit to selected Bayad Center, visit to any Jumpin stores or with their Caravans. Upgrade is 24 hours process after approval

  11. plegin says:

    Hi! pwede ko bang gamitin tong paymaya sa pagbili ng items abroad? like in dubai, plan to purchase an item there as a surprise gift. Kahit iba currency dun.

  12. FerdZ says:

    Sir, nag load ako sa 7-11 today pero wala ako nareceive na sms confirmation at until now wala pa din ung load para sa paymaya acct ko. active ba transactions kahit holiday ngaun? 1st time ko maranasan ganito ka delay.

  13. Jn Macapili says:

    Hello can i ask what shoudl i do after linking my paymaya with steam?and then there is a message saying The transaction is some what like still in the process.will it be successfull?or how would my action be successfull in order to use paymaya as an instrument in adding funds to my steam wallet.what is my next step?

  14. Edson says:

    I’ve encountered a problem with my PayMaya Visa Card the two different malls earlier, Gaisano Mall and Gaisano South were not able to accept my paymaya visa card. THEY TRY TO SWIPE IT A LOT OF TIMES, BUT IT SAYS ERROR! EVEN AT DIFFERENT COUNTERSS EVEN THOUGH I HAVE A BALANCE AND IT IS ENOUGH TO WHAT I BOUGHT.

    • coderinthebox says:

      Sometimes the terminals are offline or they are trying to swipe it the wrong way. Some cashiers will try to process it as a BDO or BPI cash card. It should be processed as a credit card. Hay you used your card before? Sometimes the payment processors of Malls are just offline.

  15. Ran says:


    I just want know if someone from US(New York) can reload my PayMaya thru 7/11?

  16. question sir,
    hindi ko pa po na aactivate ang paymaya ko, in fear na baka may hidden fee na kailangan kong i-pay sa paymaya. so my question is. is there any payment for paymaya’s service? like a monthly pay for it or anything? I’m still new to this whole thing.

    • coderinthebox says:

      Fees are the regular P15 per withdraw from your card (standard ATM fee) and the P100 (P150 if bought online) for the card. There are no other fees that will be charged

      • Marie Bernadette says:

        Ngpaload po ako s smart Padala using my globe sim .. Paano k po ma itatransfer ung niload ko sa paymaya card ko ..

      • coderinthebox says:

        You have a PayMaya account linked to a globe sim at niloadan mo using SmartPadala? Or nagpadala ka to your globe sim ng SmartPadala Money? Magkaiba ung dalawang un.

  17. Monica says:

    Hi po. Hindi ba makaka widthraw pag hindi pa upgraded ang paymaya? Naka link na ung card sa account ko. Ask ko din magkano minimum para mka widthraw.

  18. romeliza says:

    Magkano po monthly maintaining balance ng paymaya

  19. Vanz Valerie Ponce says:

    Sir pag smart mastercard ba ang virtual account mu ay mastercard dn ang physical card mo? Or visa po

  20. vanz says:

    hello po sir. Pag ba ang virtual card mo ay mastercard. Ganun din ba ang physical ccard? Or visa yung physical card. Hndi kasi mawithdraw funds ko sa paypal dahil mastercard ung virtual card ko. phelp po

    • coderinthebox says:

      Only Visa can receive money from PayPal. New PayMaya accounts using Smart sims are automatically registered as SmartMoney Mastercard. There is no Physical card for Smart Mastercard.

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