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  1. Can i use paymaya po as savings account?

  2. Rachel says:

    Hi sir @coderinthebox.. ask ko lang po kung pede ako magbayad sa online booking ng airline ticket ko worth 60k (if converted from US dollars)? upgraded na po ako. wla po bang amount limit per transaction per day? TIA!

  3. Jane says:

    Hello good day, where I can avail the physical card ? Sa sm fairview Po ba Meron?

  4. Van says:

    Hi! I ordered something in instagram and the seller asked me to pay thru her PAYMAYA account. I transferred the money thru BDO Online banking to her Paymaya account. Unfortunately, I got scammed. The online seller either blocked me or deactivated her account.

    Is there any way/options where I can request Paymaya to debit her paymaya account and return the money to me? Looking forward for your reply. Best Regards

    • coderinthebox says:

      Contact and contact BDO. In cases like this, they will mostly ignore the complaint but there is a slight chance that they will deactivate the offending person’s account or reverse the charge. You can try it as a dispute complaint.

  5. Jaren says:

    To be honest, this blog has better customer service response compared to Paymaya themselves.

  6. Moose says:

    Hi, nag post na din ako ng comment dito last May 30, 2017, same issue pa din.

    Paano po mag withdraw sa BDO using Paymaya Smart Mastercard? Sa withdraw lang nag-e-error pero kapag gagamitin kong payment sa mercury, hypermarket, savemore, etc. okay naman. Upgraded naman, pero `di maka-withdraw.

    Paano po if defective yung EMV chip, anong pwedeng gawin?

    Need help… Thanks.

  7. JoVal says:

    fees when loading up paymaya – how much sa 7-eleven, sm, bdo etc. or which is cheaper to load? anybody?

  8. Leandro says:

    Did anyone used the paymaya card for withdrawal transactions? Need some update before loading up

    • coderinthebox says:

      Card won’t be sold if you CAN’T use it to withdraw. Make sure you get your account upgraded first and have a physical card linked to your UPGRADED account before planning to withdraw

  9. jess says:

    how long it takes in credit reversal?

    • coderinthebox says:

      7-21 days, if the seller did not issue a refund request. 1 day if the seller issue a refund request.

  10. Trickygabby says:

    Hi my gusto lng ako iclarify…upgraded na paymaya ko, automatic nba pag nagpalit ang buwan (month) un monthly 100k limit eh available na agad? Gamit ko sya sa paypal.

    • coderinthebox says:

      It is automatic, make sure before the end of the month, you will take out all cash from your account.

      • coderinthebox says:

        It will count with your total Cash-in for the next month. For people using it for personal use, you don’t need to take them out.

        The max limit of 100k a month and the previous months balance only affects people accepting money coming from other people. This will be fixed in the future though as promised by PayMaya.

        On September 29, you have 11k on your PayMaya account. If this money remained on your account on October 1, your usage for the month of October will be padded up for 11k (same amount that was present on your PayMaya). This is a logic error with the system that they are addressing. PayMaya is in constant update/upgrade and they are adjusting things a lot to make it work better.

        The correct action should be, you can put another 89k on your card for October and when you withdraw at least 11k, you will gain another 11k Cash-in allowance.

      • coderinthebox says:

        The thing that drags PayMaya development is the problematic support with SmartMoney system that crashes alot. Smart Mastercard (PayMaya) is the old Smartmoney and it is piggy backed on top of PayMaya system.

  11. Yet Ebreo says:

    Hi I ordered a physical card (Already upgraded my account thru fb video call). Just curious, does it really come with out the account name (my name) printed on it?

  12. samieeeeeeee says:

    hi san po pwede ipaupgrade yung paymaya acc, near sm north lang po.

  13. Lhen says:

    Pag reversal ng transaction sa Paymaya, promise uugatin ka sa kakahintay! Bulok ang support nila.

  14. amey says:

    hi, i was not able to transfer from smart money sim to paymaya sim. is network preference has something to do with this? like i linked my paymaya to my globe number. need advise. thanks.

    • coderinthebox says:

      Network preference have is not an issue. If you want to transfer money from Smartmoney to PayMaya…

      If you have a Smart Money account, you can go to the Smart Money SIM Menu, select Transfers and then click on Others. Enter 8877+Mobile Number of the PayMaya load-up recipient. (ex. 88779181234567).

  15. Allen Buita says:

    Nag try ako mag withdraw from paypal to paymaya kaso lang me lumalabas na internal error, pero okay nman pag nag widthraw ako sa bank account ko. Me issue ba kayong ganito? Thank you.

  16. Moose says:

    Hi, bumili po ako ng Paymaya Smart Mastercard sa Smart SM North-EDSA. Activated na po thru text then nag register po ako sa Paymaya App at successfully upgraded na din po thru Bayad Center. Bale meron na po akong Virtual Card at Physical Card.

    Nag send po ako ng 500 from my SmartMoney to my Paymaya Smart Mastercard. May text sa akin yung Paymaya na pumasok na yung 500 at nag pop-up naman sa Paymaya App yung balance. Nag try po ako na i-withdraw sa BDO ATM Machine ang 300 kaso nag e-error po. Bakit po kaya? Ano po ba pipiliin, Savings / Cards / Credit Card? Ang pinipili ko po kasi “Savings”.

    May text yung Paymaya na nag withdraw daw ako ng 300 tapos ilang seconds lang may text din yung Paymaya na balance na hindi nabawasan yung sa account ko. Bale nag double check ako ng balance ko thru text since wala akong na-withdraw na 300 at tama naman hindi nga nabawasan. Bale bumili nalang ako ng ice cream sa Mercury ginamit ko yung Paymaya Smart Mastercard at pumwede naman at dun na talaga ako nabawasan haha. Nung nag-check din ako ng Paymaya App lumabas dun yung sa pag-withdraw ko sa BDO ATM Machine tapos meron nakalagay na naka-refund andun din yung binili ko sa mercury.

    Tanong lang ano po ba yung ili-link na Paymaya Card sa Paymaya App? Yung mismong Paymaya Card po ba na kulay blue/violet o yung Paymaya Smart Mastercard na kulay green? Kasi yung nili-link ko yung Paymaya Smart Mastercard ko na green nag e-error po eh.

    Tumawag na din ako sa *788 ang sabi po activated, naka-link, upgraded at ready for withdrawal na. Pero hindi po ako maka-withdraw.

    Need help 🙂

    • coderinthebox says:

      Check if nasa “My Cards” na ang physical card mo.

      • Moose says:

        Yes po nasa “My Cards” naman na po yung Physical Card ko at Virtual Card ko.

      • Moose says:

        Opo andun Physical Card at Virtual Card

      • coderinthebox says:

        Your PayMaya card have an EMV chip, the issue can be one of the following

        1. The ATM machine was not accepting EMV chip enabled cards, notable Security bank rejects ATM/credit cards with EMV chip.
        2. The EMV chip was loose or defective.

        Known banks so far that I used that supports EMV chips are BDO and RCBC.Some BPI ATM accepts EMV enabled cards and some won’t.

        Those EMV microchips on your card contains your personal data.

  17. Hi nag hulog na po ako sa smart padala gamit ang number na nakaregister sa paymaya ko pero yung balance po ng paymaya ko is only 0 parin pero my confimation na po ako na na recieve! panu po iyun?

    • coderinthebox says:

      I am betting that you did not transact to a REAL SmartPadala center. You only transact to a person who have a personal SmartMoney account. That person have done a regular SmartMoney to CP# transfer and you should get a confirmation on how to claim the transferred money or worst, it was credited to your temporary SmartMoney account (if you are using a Smart sim).

      If you have a Smart Money account, you can go to the Smart Money SIM Menu, select Transfers and then click on Others. Enter 8877+Mobile Number of the PayMaya load-up recipient. (ex. 88779181234567). Enter an Amount, your WPIN, and Send. 8877 is a requirement to be added at the start of your phone number to tell the server that you are intending to pass credits to a PayMaya card. Forgetting the 8877 required number will trigger a SmartMoney to SmartMoney transfer

      • Josel zachary says:

        Ganito din po ba sa cebuana?? Use 8877 as starting sa paymaya number??

      • Ang 8877 or 7788 sa start ng number ay para lang sa SmartMoney to PayMaya. Ginagawa ito para maiwasan ang problema sa SmartMoney System sa kanilang “Send to Anyone” feature.

  18. jesebel says:

    hello sir, my friends send money to paymaya using smartpadala. from (smartpadala to paymaya) but the owner of paymaya said that he did not recieved the money to his paymaya number. he recieved only a notification that he can get the money thru smartpadala branch. but the problem is when he go there in smartpadala branch they said that he cant get the money because the beneficiary is not their smartpadala branch. how we can refund the money? thanks sir

    • coderinthebox says:

      How did your friend sent the money, please list the steps done. It is possible that your friend sent the money as a SmartMoney transfer and not a SmartMoney to PayMaya transfer. If the receiver is using a non-smart sim, the text is an instruction on how to claim the money on REAL SMART PADALA centers. A SmartPadala agent will have an extra menu on their Sim Menu that ask for a transfer confirmation code. The transfer confirmation code is what a non SmartMoney user gets. The money will be credited to any REAL Smart Padala centers who “cashed in” the transfer code.

  19. John Vincent says:

    Good day! I just ordered my physical card this day. Can I still be able to withdraw even if I won’t upgrade my account? Thanks in advance

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