How to Withdraw to PayMaya from PayPal


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  1. faye mercelle dela cruz says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying to withdraw my founds out of paypal. i am gettinG “INTERNAL SERVER ERROR”. ano po ba dapat gawin? Tried different browsers too and still getting the same error. Tried using the app, ganun pa din.. please help.

  2. Pauline Mares says:

    Hi! Does the 250 charge from paypal – paymaya consistent? Meaning everytime I transfer my money even if its more than 7k, I’ll be deducted 250?

  3. Meshel daraug says:

    Good pm,po may paymaya card na po ako kararating lang,may laman 2500, gusto ko sana withdraw,kaso CANNOT PROCESS YOUR REQUEST,GO TO YOUR OWN BANK po xa,5 banks na try ko pinasok,ganoon pa rin,ano po ba dapat gawin?

    • coderinthebox says:

      Get your PayMaya account upgraded by “Know Your Customer” program. It is required by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Link your card to your PayMaya account and wait for a successfully link confirmation. Your Physical card will appear on your PayMaya account.

  4. pip says:

    Hi there! So, I had a real bad experience with PayMaya. Nothing financially, though. I still couldn’t upgrade my PayMaya account because the first reason was my gov’t photo was unclear. I tried changing the photo but the app doesn’t have any kind of option for that. I tried the Facebook video call confirmation but they kept changing my schedule even if I agreed to every time they gave me and never replied after I told them that I had to free my time because of the sched that they suggested firsthand and suddenly changed it when I was all set-up.

    Anyway, any of you guys know how else to get confirmed? Some of my money’s in the account and I’d like to withdraw everything from it.

  5. garzee says:

    Hi coderinthebox, quick question, kung mag wiwithdraw ako ng funds from paypal, say Monday eve (Philippines), mag rereflect po ba agad yun sa paymaya account? Thanks!

  6. Zen says:

    Hello. Pwede rin po ba na USD yung i-withdraw papunta sa PayMaya o kailangan muna iconvert sa PHP? Mas mababa kasi ng 1 peso yung conversion rate nila.

    • coderinthebox says:

      Conversion is automatic. Rate being used is internal to PayMaya’s conversion table. If it comes from PayPal, PayPal will use convert the money based on PayPal’s conversion table which is usually lower than the actual exchange rate.

  7. john says:

    Hi, is this also applicable to paymay virtual credit card? I’m planning to buy in amazon and i’ll be using this card.

  8. Ana says:

    Hi! So I need to link my paymaya physical card first to paypal before I could withdraw thru atm?

    I linked my virtual card and was able to withdraw from paypal but it just stays on the app and buy things online, I want to get my paypal money somehow in my hands. Does it have the same balance?

    • coderinthebox says:

      You don’t need to link your physical card to PayPal before you can withdraw. Link it with your PayMaya account and set a PIN code.

  9. heinz says:

    hi ask ko lang., first time ko mgwithdraw s paypal ko., mtagal ko sya d nagamit since 2010, pro ngayon nilink physical card ko s paymaya upgraded account at naverified nman.. ang tnong ko pg ngwwidraw ako internal server error nkalagay di narin ako mkapagsend ng funds., may alam po b kayo pano maayos to? thanks

  10. Grace says:

    Hello po pwede po ba gamitin ang paymaya card for registration sa PayPal?been taking paid surveys po kasi but most of the companies po nagbabayad cla thru PayPal..don’t have drivers license kasi na req.dun sa PayPal

  11. MC says:

    Hi! Question lng po. If first time pa lng mgsend ng money from paypal to paymaya, possible kaya na pumasok ung money sa paymaya card ko within 1week? (First transaction pa lng if ever) tia.

    • coderinthebox says:

      3-5 days but if you initiated the transfer on Tuesday up to thursday (GMT+8 Manila), you can get the money credited in less than 1 hour.

      • MC says:

        wow talaga po? yung sa friend ko kasi, eon ang gamit niya. and base sa experience nya, dahil 1st transaction ng paypal nya, umabot ng 25days bago narelease ung money from paypal niya.

      • mc says:

        Question po ulit. Yung physical card ng paymaya is different sa bank account? Trny ko kasi ilagay ung details ng physical card kya lng,walang bank code. Tnx

      • coderinthebox says:

        Both Physical Card and Virtual Card is a prepaid credit card.

      • mc says:

        Ah ok po. Ano po ba difference ng bank account sa credit card sa PayPal?

  12. Hello, I just want to ask about that. I have an activated PayMaya Visa Card and I just want to withdraw my PayPal funds to my PayMaya Account. How long does it take to withdraw my PayPal funds to my PayMaya app linked to my card?

    • coderinthebox says:

      3-5 days but if you initiated the transfer on Tuesday up to thursday (GMT+8 Manila), you can get the money credited in less than 1 hour. It should fall to a Monday afternoon in PayPal’s timezone.

  13. Jan says:

    Hey Coderinthebox, I hope you can get back to me, I just wanted to know if this happened to you already; you added your Paymaya card (not activate) to Paypal and it says “This card is not accepted. Please use a different card.” I’ve asked around and some are saying that I need to have a minimum balance to attach it. Is that true?

  14. Jasper Pelesco says:

    Na-link ko yung paypal ko dun sa virtual credit card ng Paymaya ko.
    I now have the physical card.
    Can I withdraw the funds using my card sa ATM kahit na dun ko trinansfer sa virual credit card ko?
    Thank you po.

    • coderinthebox says:

      If your physical card is linked to your virtual card then you can easily withdraw your virtual card’s cash on any ATM using the linked Physical card

  15. This is very helpful! Thank you so much! I ordered my Paymaya physical card, now I am waiting for it to be delivered. I also made my Paymaya Virtual Card. But I am now having doubts with Paymaya since I’m seeing negative comments on their Facebook page regarding lost money from their account balances. Nevertheless, Paymaya is the most convenient way to keep up on this world of online transactions, aside from we live in a very remote area where there are only rural banks. I am happy to know that I can use this for my Paypal funds.

    • Also, can I ask for an upgrade even if I don’t have the physical card yet?

      • coderinthebox says:

        You can ask for an upgrade without the physical card. Upgrading is free, if the person you transact with ask you for any kind of payments even load wallet deposit, that is a fake account and a scammer

    • coderinthebox says:

      Lost of money was due to FAKE PayMaya accounts asking them to deposit to the scammers 711 money transfer account or the scammers pending money transfer. Once a PayMaya user, you get a card that can be charged as long as it contains money.

      1. People claimed they lost money when sending to another persons account. PayMaya have no control on what number/account you are transferring to. It is the duty of the PayMaya user to check and verify the account/number they are sending the money.

      2. People new to credit/debit cards shares their card number, address and willingly share their CVV codes to third party people. Card Number and CVV code is enough to charge on third party payment processing.

      3. People claiming they lost money when transferring money to a third party person while their account is blocked to transfer. The amount gets deducted and refunded on the same day due to invalid transaction. Some people just love to exaggerate their claims. One example was a complaint I got on my email. The person claims she lost P3,000+ of money but on the end she admitted that she only loaded up P200 which is far below the claimed P3,000 loss.

      The only valid claims are loss of money when Steam refuses to return their P48-P80 test charge when purchasing Steam Wallet for the first time. It is Steam’s issue and happens even if you are not using PayMaya. Another possible loss is a pending PayPal link activation, PayPal can hold your P100 up to 1 month.

  16. vicoy says:

    hi tried to link my Paymaya account to my Apple Store as my mode of payment but i always get “Credit Card decline message,why is that? by the way i have 1,500 pesos on my Paymaya account…

    P.S. i tried it on both US and Philippines apple account…

  17. stardust913 says:

    i am new registered of PayMaya and done upgraded i am applying for physical card but my problem is when i log in to purchase physical card still can’t log in invalid username/password can u help me regarding this set up? waiting for your reply thanks

    • coderinthebox says:

      Use the same username and password you supplied when you created your account. Only you can recover your password provided you know your username. For more help please contact, they may be able to reset your account if you can give proof of ownership

  18. Hello po, nabasa ko po sa comment nyo na walang fee kapag nagtransfer ng pera from PayPal to BPI if 7k up. Pero sa bank daw po may 150 na bawas?
    Di ko pa kasi natry mag transfer thru BPI, kaya PayMaya ginagamit ko.

    • coderinthebox says:

      BPI started charging P150 for receiving money on international sources, PayPal on the other hand is transferring it for free. Transfer to PayMaya was modified by PayPal to a fix P250.00 which cause PayMaya to renegotiate. It used to be free regardless of the amount. For the remaining months of 2016, PayPal and PayMaya have a deal of 50% discount in charges. All transfers to PayMaya will be charge for P125.00 instead of the fix P250.00 that PayPal imposed on their website

      • pndacodes says:

        Hi po. Just want to clarify, the charge for paypal to paymaya transactions is now lowered to 125php?

        I use BPI to transfer paypal funds. It only takes a day to process and 150 fixed charge. (+50 for Paypal fees <7k)

      • coderinthebox says:

        There is a running 50% charge promo for PayMaya (P250/2 = P125). If you transfer from PayPal and it falls to Monday – Thursday in USA (PayPal’s main timezone), you will get it on the same day.

  19. Alvin says:

    Hi Coder.. what if i withdraw my paypal funds to a savings bank account? example with bpi. how much will be the fee?

  20. Monroe says:

    Hi! How much namn po ang fee sa part ng paymaya pagmagwithdraw ka from paypal to paymaya? PhP250 sa paypal plus _____ sa paymaya = ?

    • coderinthebox says:

      PayMaya does not charge anything when you withdraw but the bank you are using may charge from P11.00 to P15.00
      PayMaya have no local bank partner yet

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