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  1. melvin says:

    okay lang po ba kahit wala pang physical card na paymaya malilink ko pa din ba paypal ko kapag nag load ako ng 100

    • coderinthebox says:

      As long as tama po ung mga info na binigay ninyo sa pagactivate ng virtual card. Magagamit nyo na po, sometimes you need to provide a government ID using the “ID Upload” na function sa PayMaya and on some card this is optional.

  2. melvin says:

    kelangan ba may 50 agad si paymaya para ma activate si paypal

  3. Tos Tos says:

    Boss pano ba to, nakuha na ng paypal yung 100 nandun na din yung 4 digit code sa paymaya pero hindi ko mainput kasi ayaw lumampas dun sa confirm. Nag eerror “The Card Verification System used by PayPal is currently unavailable. Please try to add your card at a later time. We apologize for this inconvenience.”. Pati iba pa ba yung 4 digit code na nasa paymaya dun sa 2nd text na makukuha? Di pa kasi nadating yung 2nd text sakin na may code pero andun na yung code sa paymaya app.

  4. denise says:

    hey i wanna withdraw funds from paypal to paymaya physical card. can i buy 100ph physical card and have it upgraded in sm mega mall? what info do i have to bring? how long will it take for funds to go through the card? thanks! 🙂

    • denise says:

      also can i withdraw even paypal name and paymaya name are mismatched? will it still go through?

      • coderinthebox says:

        I am not sure if that is possible. You need to read up PayPal’s rules on money transfers.

    • coderinthebox says:

      Yes, but it is always bettet to buy the card at SM megamall and have it activated. You can easily load up your PayMaya at SM bills/payment. It will take aproximately 5 minutes to load or proceed to any 711 store and load up. Make sure to tell the teller in SM payment center to load it up to PayMaya, they tend to load the money to Smartmoney and not PayMaya.

  5. “The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer’s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue.” nililink ko po paymaya sa paypal

  6. Josh Ponce says:

    nagpaload ako sa 7eleven cliqq kiosk, wla pa kong narereceived na confirmation. pano pong gagawen ko ?

    • coderinthebox says:

      Did you check if tama ung phone number na binigay nyo? Loading in 711 kiosk, you need to give your PayMaya linked phone number.. hindi po kayo dapat umalis sa 711 habang hindi pa nagloload ang PayMaya ninyo. What to do, contact, ask for help and steps. Next step is to go back to 711, make sure nasa inyo pa ung resibo and dapat me screenshot kayo ng inyong PayMaya app account log. Tell them hindi nagload, me time stamps po ang mga top ups ng PayMaya

  7. AM Cruz says:

    San po dun? Wala po kasi sa Settings. Tsaka ano po ilalagay sa State/ Province if I’m from Manila. Ayaw naman pag naka blank lang siya kaya nilagyan ko Not Applicable. Lol yun tuloy lumabas sa virtual visa card ko

    • coderinthebox says:

      Use Metro Manila as province, contact to correct the data. I can’t verify if pwede pang maedit ang information since activated na ako.

      • AM Cruz says:

        okay na po. automatic na po nachange yung info ko sa virtual visa card nung nag upgrade ako sa smart jump center sm megamall kanina. thank you po

  8. AM Cruz says:

    Hi po. May mali po ako natype sa address sa virtual visa card ko. Is there a way to change it po?

  9. jazzer says:

    Paanu po mg register sa app?

    • coderinthebox says:
      1. Download the app from iTunes (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android)
      2. Sign up with your details:
        Legal name (first name, last name)
        Mobile number
      3. Tap “Agree and create my account”.
      4. A mobile verification code will be sent to your phone.
      5. Enter the code on the app and tap “Verify mobile number”.
      6. Activate your reloadable virtual Visa card.
  10. jazzer says:

    Hellow po bkit di po ako maka rigester sa paymaya mobile app
    Anu po gagawin ko?

  11. Aldrin says:

    Pd ko po b iponan ng pera ang pay maya. MAwidraw ko pa dn b yung pera n illagY ko?

  12. ianna says:

    Hello! can you transfer money from paymaya to paypal? (for example, the site i want to buy from only accepts paypal, but i have the money in paymaya and i wanna transfer it to paypal in order to make that purchase)

    • coderinthebox says:

      PayPal will automatically withdraw money from PayMaya as long as you have enough load wallet credits on the card

  13. bean says:

    Hello po, may question lang ako. May bibilhin po kasi akong item sa korea and they only accept payment via paypal. Na verify ko na po yung paypal acc ko gamit ang paymaya. Naguguluhan lang po ako if paano po ako makakapagbayad kasi yung paypal balance ko is zero. Pano po kaya yun?

    • coderinthebox says:

      PayPal will withdraw automatically from your linked PayMaya account.

      Sorry for the delay in response, my scanners think that your comment is a spam post due to the hits on your IP address.

  14. James says:

    Hello, i have a few questions. Nag upgrade na po ako ng Paymaya visa card and then they sent my Validation Code and url for the next steps. I saw the Aproval locations which are selected… is there any way on how I can get my physical PayMaya visa card if I’m from Pampanga an will they charge me for the Phisical card? …. and do you have any alternative ways on how i can withdraw from my PayMaya Virtual Card via smart Padala or something etc…. thanks in advance…. Nice and informative post btw.

  15. Mel says:

    Ang galing galing naman nitong site na to.. Binasa ko lahat ng comment at na reply lahat ng maayos.. Hindi na kailangan mag tanong dahil n sagot n lahat… 🙂

  16. adrian says:

    Hello, my paymaya virtual card fund is 100. trying to link it on paypal but still having an error “Sorry, we can’t link this card. Please try linking a different card to your account.” i’m wondering if magkaiba ba ang CSC (3digit) sa CVV2? csc kasi hinihingi ng paypal eh baka yun yung cause? o i need to load up 200php?

    • coderinthebox says:

      CSC? Or do you mean CSV. Normally P100 is enough, activated na po ba ung ginagamit nyong card number. The virtual one gets activated when you click activate, sent proofs of identity, setup full name, set up billing addess and it is loaded up. The virtual card may come pre activated for use but not activate to transact online if it is not linked to a PayMaya mobile account. If all checks are done, then load up another P100 and see if it works.

  17. Kepi says:

    Hi, if i would purchase an item from ebay, which account will i top up, paymaya or paypal? (Assuming that both are already linked to each other)

    • coderinthebox says:

      Sorry but this is the most silly question I have received. Knowing that PayPal widraws from your card and PayMaya is a Visa Prepaid Credit Card. It only means that you need to load up your PayMaya. You don’t need to use PayPal to purchase online using PayMaya

  18. Niki Siapno says:

    I mistyped my name in making an account. How can I change it?

    • coderinthebox says:

      Where? Please provide more info.

      • Jemuel says:

        I also mistype my family name, that one appears in my online card. Would it change if i will upgrade it?

      • coderinthebox says:

        You need to contact PayMaya suppport and ask them to update your family name. They will require a government ID for people age above 18 above and a school ID for people age 17 and below.

        Your family name is not yet final but your digital card is already registered and working which takes time to tell VISA to update the record. Usually it takes less than a day.

  19. Justin says:

    Help po, i want to avail apps via google playstore using paypal. I successfully activate my paypal using paymaya. But the problem is error daw yung visa card na nilagay ko sa googleplaystore eh activate nanaman yung paypal ko using my paymaya account.

  20. ana lorraine complido says:

    san ko po makukuha yung 4 digits code sa sa pag verified sa paypal?? im using paymaya para magverify ng paypal account pero may 4 digits padaw na kailangan san ko po makukuha un?please answer

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