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How to Install Virtual Box

VirtualBox allows you to create virtual computers within your physical computer, enabling you to run multiple operating systems without dealing with dual booting or hardware configurations. Setting up VirtualBox is very straightforward, and most of your time will be spent performing the standard operating system installation. Download Virtual Box Visit https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads and select the correct version for your computer.  If you are using Windows (which is probably the case), click “VirtualBox for windows x86/amd64”. If you worry that you are using Intel 64 bit and the choice is for amd 64 bit, fear not, amd 64 bit is for both Intel and...


Cool Things Virtual Machines Can Do

Running virtual machines are no longer for the geeks and person who run powerful servers. In fact, if may be using one yourself without knowing it. Did you ever wonder how cloud storages work? There are really virtual machines stored in the “cloud”. I will restrict myself with running a “guest” operating system on your windows computer since more advance topics can be covered later. Virtualization currently is dominated with VMware and Oracle which offer services like running a full server on the “virtual” environment. A server inside a server with no physical or tangible part. Both company offer FREE...