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Red Hat and CentOS 0

Red Hat Enterprise and CentOS Kernel Update

A Red Hat Enterprise and Centos Kernel Update from Red Hat Bug Fix Advisory (RHAB) informs the users of Red Hat Linux Servers (RHEL) and Red Hat Linux Desktop operating system to update and install the new linux kernel. The Initial announcement was for the Enterprise edition but the release applied to all.

Securing your server from attackers 2

What is a CSF / LFD

ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF) is a stateful packet inspection firewall (SPI), login/intrusion detection, and security application for most Linux distributions and Linux based VPS.

CSF is versatile enough to host more features other than the standard filtering of packets. CSF can give you login detection, brute force detection, system intrusion and flood detection. CSF have a UI integration for cPanel, DirectAdmin and Webmin.

CSF can also detect port scans, SYN flood and can temporarily or permanently block clients who are flagged as an attacker.

Squid Proxy 1

Install Squid Proxy On CentOS

Squid is a full featured *nix based proxy-server that caches internet content and have the capability to hide your real IP. Squid can cache and proxy access from HTTP request to FTP access. As a proxy server, squid acts as an intermediary which connects to the remote server in behalf of the requestor, saves a cache copy for future and later use and then return the result to the original requestor.

Squid can act as a transparent proxy routing all the connections to itself without any of the original requestors programs being aware of the proxy service.