Microsoft’s ‘Arrow’ Launcher in Google Store

Arrow Launcher

Arrow Launcher: Microsoft’s Garage Launcher

Microsoft have decided to release ahead of time its Garage spare time development project dubbed as Arrow.

Arrow is a project to showcase Redmond’s love for other people’s platforms and perhaps a way to spread his influence far beyond windows. It was first release as a Beta project from July and now officially lost the “beta” badge.

Arrow presented the apps base on frequency of usage which aim to ease up the burden of shuffling through the OEM junk apps that you don’t want to use and can’t uninstall. Arrow is learning from you base on your on how you use your device to automate the small and menial task for you.

Microsoft’s Arrow claims the following functionality

  • Apps: No more wasting time finding the app you need – your apps are automatically arranged based on your usage
  • People: Easily find and contact the people who matter the most to you
  • Reminders: Never forget to pick up milk or call your spouse with integrated reminders
  • Recent: Quickly get back to your recent photos, file downloads, app installs, and even dropped calls

Microsoft’s Arrow also claims that it can support the following

  • Page Management: Re-arrange pages, show/hide a particular page, and set a specific page as your home page.
  • Widgets: Arrow is compatible with all your favorite widgets, organized on one page
  • Customizable Dock: Conveniently access your favorite apps in the dock from any screen.
  • Bing & Custom Wallpapers: Receive a beautiful new wallpaper every day or customize your own.
  • 3rd Party Icon Pack Support: Theme your icons with a third party icon pack.
  • Performance: Arrow is lightweight, and optimized for battery life and speed to help you enjoy your phone all day.

I tried using the Launcher with my Blue Stack Device (The launcher was designed for higher android version), not all claimed features worked as expected or perhaps there was an error on my method.

Microsoft Launcher
Microsoft Launcher


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