Facebook Hangs Droid Phones

The Android version of Facebook is in face of heated complains from its users. The fury of people started when Facebook started to crash without any reason and sometimes uninstall itself after successfully installing the update. The update seems to trigger the uninstall sequence.

One of the major problems that Facebook faces is its hidden ability to “Hang Android Phones”. Phones that are prone on hangs are mostly Jelly Bean and below that is rooted. If the phone won’t hang, the App will repeatedly crash.

Not so divine intervention

Not so divine intervention

Mystery updates “What’s new” text has stated the same changes for several updates. If an update only contains minor fixes not worth mentioning, hold the update until you have made some changes worth mentioning. – Martin Hjerne

Latest update crashes constantly One plus Two Ever since the last two updates, Facebook app crashes when viewing the news feed. I have been able to access Facebook by the notifications that come through for me, but as soon as I try to view the news feed again it crashes out. No amount of reinstalling or clearing cache has helped. – Peter Choo

Every update claims “improvements for reliability and speed” yet every update is slower and less reliable than the previous one. Unresponsive, full of bugs, and crashes constantly. – Brian Stearns

Other issues encountered are missing friend feeds, photos that won’t appear, blank contact photo, frozen app, WSD (White screen of Death) and a lot more.
There was no official explanation on what the real cause of this problems but it may be in connection with the breaches and bugs that caused Facebook to crash last month or perhaps it was in connection with their ReDex Project.

On the lighter end, old Facebook apps seems to be working fine specially the 3.5 version. You will only loose the inline video player and a few feed order “enhancements” which people hate.


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