Cool New Features of Android Marshmallow

Revamp Permission System

App permissions before Android Marshmallow asked for permission to access everything that it needs to run but most of the time, due to the design of Android, apps ask for more permission than it required to function properly. Unlike iPhone, you have no option to turn off those extra permissions since they are mostly bundled grants. It is an all or nothing approach by Google.

Under the new app permission of Marshmallow, app developer will be able to ask permissions on case-by-case basis. Take for example, accessing the SMS app, a popup can be delivered asking for permission to use the phonebook and contacts.

This new approach will allow you to have an idea what the app is about to do and you can deny access to certain permissions that are not needed. On the current Android system, an app that needs to send an SMS have access to the phonebook, access to the SMS system and oddly an access to do a phone call.

Case Basis Permission

Case Basis Permission: No more bulk permission grants

Finger Print Support

Marshmallow now support finger print recognition hardware on the core level. This will make it relatively easy to add a finger print lock and unlock feature on new devices.

Finger Print Recognition Support

Finger Print Recognition Support

New USB Cable Support

Everyone hates buying new cables, but this time it’s worth it. USB Type-C (also called USB-C) is a tiny new reversible USB format that’s kind of sweeping the tech industry. Before you know it, it’s going to be used to charge most phones, tablets, and laptops, and for transferring data and video between devices. Marshmallow adds support for USB Type-C for Android phones and tablets.

Reversible USB Cable Type C

Reversible USB Cable Type C


Google’s latest improvement monitors how your device is being used adjust the app activity accordingly. If you are not using your tablet or phone for a long time, Doze will kick in and pause your apps. This prevent battery drains on the long run.
Things have its trade off, while you are saving battery life, you are slowing down the app load time the second time you open it. Getting a longer charge time but losing a few seconds in load time is a great trade knowing how precious it is to keep your phone’s charge longer.

Revamp Cut, Copy and Paste

Cut, Copy and Paste option when high lighting text are no longer located at the top. They are now presented as a neat popup above the selected text.

Source: The Verge


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