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Securing your server from attackers 2

Install and Setup CSF / LFD on CentOS

After learning what CSF / LFD module can do, it is time for a small guide on how to install them. The guide is for RHEL type version of Linux which consist of Redhat, Fedora and CentOS. A separate procedure is needed for Debian based Linux which will be added later.

Live First Person Shooter 0

RealmPictures Live First Person Shooter Game

Realm Pictures have launched their second installment of their first ever Live First Person Shooting Game.  Level 2 is bigger, scarier, more extraterrestrial-filled sequel that pays tribute to the 1979 Ridley Scott film Alien.

On Level 2, the game starts with a random call/connection with a commander using his headset-wearing  with static noises. Game progress via Chatroulette.

Arrow Launcher 1

Microsoft’s ‘Arrow’ Launcher in Google Store

Microsoft have decided to release ahead of time its Garage spare time development project dubbed as Arrow.

Arrow is a project to showcase Redmond’s love for other people’s platforms and perhaps a way to spread his influence far beyond windows. It was first release as a Beta project from July and now officially lost the “beta” badge

Securing your server from attackers 2

What is a CSF / LFD

ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF) is a stateful packet inspection firewall (SPI), login/intrusion detection, and security application for most Linux distributions and Linux based VPS.

CSF is versatile enough to host more features other than the standard filtering of packets. CSF can give you login detection, brute force detection, system intrusion and flood detection. CSF have a UI integration for cPanel, DirectAdmin and Webmin.

CSF can also detect port scans, SYN flood and can temporarily or permanently block clients who are flagged as an attacker.

Squid Proxy 1

Install Squid Proxy On CentOS

Squid is a full featured *nix based proxy-server that caches internet content and have the capability to hide your real IP. Squid can cache and proxy access from HTTP request to FTP access. As a proxy server, squid acts as an intermediary which connects to the remote server in behalf of the requestor, saves a cache copy for future and later use and then return the result to the original requestor.

Squid can act as a transparent proxy routing all the connections to itself without any of the original requestors programs being aware of the proxy service.

Software Development 0

How to Read HTML from Browser Class

Time to write new codes again, this portion of my website was stopped when I lost my VPS servers a few months back. Coderinthebox won’t be called as such without code examples. This tiny code will show a trick to load a dynamic web browser, navigate it and extract the page’s html code purely on the backend.

PLDT Disconnecting People 2

PLDT’s Unfair Practice of Business

PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company) have been practicing a very rotten way of business which breaches all entries in the Bill of Consumer Rights.

Thousands of PLDT subscribers have been experiencing slow or unstable connection, advance billing and automated untimed service disconnection (it does not matter if you paid in advance or on time). The fun starts when you file complains since you will be put on the NEVER NEVER QUE.

Bug 0

Facebook Hangs Droid Phones

The Android version of Facebook is in face of heated complains from its users. The fury of people started when Facebook started to crash without any reason and sometimes uninstall itself after successfully installing the update. The update seems to trigger the uninstall sequence. One of the major problems that Facebook faces is its hidden ability to “Hang Android Phones”. Phones that are prone on hangs are mostly Jelly Bean and below that is rooted. If the phone won’t hang, the App will repeatedly crash. Mystery updates “What’s new” text has stated the same changes for several updates. If an...

The Moses Code 0

The Law of Attraction : The Moses Code

Is it possible that nearly 3,500 years ago, Moses was given the secretkfor attracting everything you’ve ever desired? The Moses Code was first used to create some of the greatest miracles in the history of the world, but then it was hidden away, and only the highest initiates were allowed to practice it. Discover how you can integrate the most powerful manifestation tool in the history of the world into your own life

Pepsi the Smartphone 0

Pepsi P1 the Smartphone

Pepsi is releasing a new mid-range Android phone dubbed as Pepsi P1 which comes preinstalled with Android 5.1 as its operating system. P1 boast a 5.5 inches screen with a 1080 x 1920 FHD resolution. It is powered by a true Octa-Core 1.7GHz MediaTek (MT6592 SoC) processor. The graphics processor is an ARM Mali-450 MP4 GPU with a system RAM of 2GB with an internal storage of 16GB. A 13 Megapixel back camera comes with the package and a 5 Megapixel front camera which is on par with the latest “standards” in the Android world. The 3000mAh battery ensures that...