YUM: Repodata is over 2 weeks old. Install yum-cron? Or run: yum makecache fast

Software Development

Software Development

Have you ever ecounter this error “Repodata is over 2 weeks old. Install yum-cron? Or run: yum makecache fast“?

If you are running a server that was not able to connect to an active repository server for weeks, that error will prompt about an outdated repository entries. This can be solved by purging the “yum data”

The old repodata warning also gets triggered if you restore from an old server snapshots for those using VPS servers or cloud servers. It is merely a warning that you may not be getting the current version of programs for your webserver.

What is YUM?

YUM (Yellowdog Updater Modified) is an open source command-line as well as graphical based package management tool for RPM (RedHat Package Manager) based Linux systems. It allows users and system administrator to easily install, update, remove or search software packages on a systems. It was developed and released by Seth Vidal under GPL (General Public License) as an open source, means anyone can allowed to download and access the code to fix bugs and develop customized packages. YUM uses numerous third party repositories to install packages automatically by resolving their dependencies issues.


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  1. Z says:

    What does it mean to purging the yum data? And How do I do that?

  2. Jep says:

    Worked great. Thanks!

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