Install Squid Proxy On CentOS

Squid is a full featured *nix based proxy-server that caches internet content and have the capability to hide your real IP. Squid can cache and proxy access from HTTP request to FTP access. As a proxy server, squid acts as an intermediary which connects to the remote server in behalf of the requestor, saves a cache copy for future and later use and then return the result to the original requestor.

Squid can act as a transparent proxy routing all the connections to itself without any of the original requestors programs being aware of the proxy service.

The commands shown here works on Fedora, Redhat and any Redhat/Fedora variants.

Installing squid proxy

Installing squid proxy over centos and redhat variant

Install Squid

Clean yum cache packages and cache headers. This will prevent potential errors due to caching.

Make sure to update all packages.

Yum automates the installation for squid. Yum can easily detect required and related packages which in turn will be downloaded and installed together with squid. Installing a package have never been easier without the help of yum.

Verify and Check our Squid Installation

Squid automatically start to run right after a successful installation. You can view added parameters by toggling the help parameter for squid.

You can check squid’s version and configuration options when it was started.


Make Squid Start on Boot

Squid automatically start to run right after a s

Make sure that squid can start at boot time

You can query squid for it’s current status

Sometimes you need to restart squid

Finally, you can stop squid



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  1. coderinthebox says:

    The steps mentioned above also work on fedora core and redhat linux. If squid was installed as a service, you can also use “service squid start”,”service squid status” ,”service squid stop” and “service squid restart”

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