How to Install Virtual Box

VirtualBox allows you to create virtual computers within your physical computer, enabling you to run multiple operating systems without dealing with dual booting or hardware configurations. Setting up VirtualBox is very straightforward, and most of your time will be spent performing the standard operating system installation.

Download Virtual Box

Visit and select the correct version for your computer.  If you are using Windows (which is probably the case), click “VirtualBox for windows x86/amd64”.

If you worry that you are using Intel 64 bit and the choice is for amd 64 bit, fear not, amd 64 bit is for both Intel and AMD processors.


Running the Installer

Open the installer file by location the download location where put it and double clicking the installer. Windows Installers usually have a filename in this format “VirtualBox-version-buildnumber-Win.exe”.



Select the components that you want to be installed, by default, virtual box will install all components.  You can change the setting by clicking the “arrow down” icon next to the component name. You can also change the default installation folder by clicking “browse” and selecting the new destination.


Virtual box will prompt you with some more option after you completed the installation like registering every virtual machine related files to itself and adding shortcuts.



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