3 New Skills You Should Learn as a Freelancer

Three New Skills you Should Learn as a Freelancer

Three New Skills You Should Learn as a Freelancer

PayPal is on it’s second installment of free seminars this year and the next speaker is the inspiring Ginger Arboleda. The brain behind Taxumo , a financial company assisting small and medium companies with their Tax duties.

She will be talking about the skills that a freelancer should have to get in front of their freelancing careers. The hardest part of freelancing is to start. The part where you need to walk past your comfort zone and get the right amount of bravery to set walk the freelance community.

Some are born natural with freelancing however a lot have no clue what it is and the knowledge she will be sharing will cover a few basic skills for you.

Sadly, the free ticket slot was sold out as of February 15, 2018 however the event organizer have given a positive response that they can entertain walked in attendees as long as you come early.

She will be presenting in BGC clockin coworking space at C2 building.





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