Why PLDT’s 1Gigabit Plan is a Scam

PLDT have just announced last October 20 about their 1Gigabyte Fibr plan. A lot of people was dismayed about the announcement due to known PLDT’s Dishonest marketing tricks.

  1. PLDT first announced a 1 Gigabyte fiber optics plan, in short it is 8 Gigabits plan since 1 byte = 8 bits. They admitted after a day or two that it was just a marketing error using Gigabyte instead of Gigabit. They have adjusted their website about the 1 Gigabyte plan into 1 Gigabits plan which is the correct speed.
  2. Before they have done the epic admission of false advertisement for the speed, they first battle and commented on “bashers” that they are actually giving 1 Gigabyte plan.
    PLDT 1Gigabit

    PLDT have corrected their 1 Gigabyte plan into 1 Gigabit but their agents are still trying to market 1 Gigabyte

    Despite the correction on their website, their agents are still trying to convince people to sign up to their “1 GIGABYTE” plan. Perhaps they are telling the people that you can only download 1 Gigabyte before they tell you that you are using your internet connection on an abusive rate.

  3. PLDT HOME Fibr delivers powerful Internet speed of up to 1Gbps, allowing high-speed browsing of multiple websites, access to over 100 Cignal Digital TV channels and the country’s first symmetrical speed service. With plans starting at P1, 899, Fibr is now available in over 1,600 Fibr-powered villages nationwide including Valle Verde 1-6, Forbes Park, Dasmarinas Village and Ayala Alabang Village, among others.

    False claim on availability claiming that they have already served 1,600 subdivisions and villages with their Fiber Optics service. PLDT Fiber optics as of their official data is only serving 80 villages in comparison to 1,600 villages. What makes the count bloat is that they count every building as 1 village and every houses that have more than 2 floors as 1 village.

  4. Despite claiming a faster speed, their back-end/engineering repair group will only entertain complains when your connection dip below 1mbps. 1mbps is their base standard for a good connection. Their service reliability is dependent on how much they congest your area of service. PLDT love to over congested their services areas and wonder why people complains with congestion.
  5. They also have the worst support business model, you need to call their hotline for reports and you can’t call the repair team directly. If the repair team instantly closes your ticket, you won’t be notified of such event. Their is also no way to reopen tickets prompting you to go back to square one and call the hotline to start all over again. Good luck, they may intentionally force you to go in this loop for a few weeks or months if unlucky.
  6. Have I also mentioned that the back-end and engineering guys can call you without involving you and your phone. It is kind of trade secret on how they do that. End of story, “you” always ends up “confirming them of such a good service“.


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