Metro Manila has ‘Worst traffic on Earth’

Philippines backs the worst traffic city based on Waze statistics with a score of 0.4 for the city of Manila. The experience with EDSA worsen the score which is really evident when you travel the 23.8km highway.

No wonder Manila bags the “Gateway to Hell” name. Indonesia bags the most number of  cities with the worst traffic with 8 entries.

The Waze Driver Satisfaction Index is based on six key factors:

  • Traffic Level by frequency and severity of traffic jams
  • Road quality and infrastructure
  • Driver safety based on accidents, road hazards and weather
  • Driver services like access to gas stations and easy parking
  • Socio-Economic* including access to cars and impact of gas prices
  • “Wazeyness,” the level of helpfulness and happiness within the Waze community

Traffic Index WazeSource: Waze


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