Google Chrome Ending Support for Windows XP, Vista and OS X 10.8

WIndows XP

WIndows XP : Google is ending support for this old OS

Marc Pawliger, Director of Engineering and Early Notifier, announces that Google Chrome will no longer support a few operating system which was officially declared to be at the end of development by their mother companies.

Google Chrome is closing its door to Windows XP, Windows Vista and OS X 10.8 at the end of the year. Windows XP and Windows Vista was no longer actively supported by Microsoft on exception to Windows XP for business being used by ATM Machines. Mac OS 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 will no longer be supported by Apple starting April 2016.

Google Chrome will still function but active updates will stop including security fixes. Google suggest to upgrade to a newer operating system to continue getting updates at the end of the year.


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