Goodbye Chikka

Goodbye Chikka

Goodbye Chikka


Goodbye Chikka, the free SMS application via web and via app is now bidding it’s farewell, Chikka have been up for almost 2 decades and have partnered with Globe, Sun and Smart. It was acquired a few years ago by PLDT under Voyager.

Goodbye Chikka: Chikka's Farewell notice

Goodbye Chikka: Chikka’s Farewell notice


Goodbye Chikka Message

“Thank you for the two decades of support for Chikka SMS services!. With a sad heart, we would like to let you know that our services will remain functional until March 31, 2018”. This was posted on their official Facebook page which can be found here.

This is a serious news, they are really closing down which started by their API service being shutdown early this year and no payments or new subscription being accepted past February 20,18. I can only speculated that Chikka was a victim to a massive switch of people who uses Instant Messaging for text, voice call and video chat which is evident in the country. People are topping up load credits to connect to Viber, WeChat, Line, Messenger (Facebook) and other messaging apps.

A company that is no longer profitable will eventually be closed down. Users only have until March 31 to use the said app for free text messaging and from then on, it really is goodbye. Should you have any concerns, you may email them at


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