Globe GoUnli No Capping Plans is Back

Globe Go Unli No Data Capping Plan is Back

Globe Go Unli No Data Capping Plan is BackGlobe have resurrected their no capping packages with the latest Globe GoUnli No Capping Plans. Users can now say goodbye to capped and slowed down connections.

The plans are for fixed line broadband and comes with free Globe Telecom phone lines for FREE with unlimited calls to TM and Globe for 24 months.

Globe have better call services compared to Smart on exception to SUN (even though SUN is now piggy backed inside Smart’s network). This was greatly due to almost non existing 2G base stations for Globe.

The plan comes in 5mbps, 10/15/20mbps, 50mbps and 100mbs. What’s great with it? You can avail this service for NO LOCKUP TIME.

Globe GoUnli No Capping Plan with no lockup comes with a catch.. You need to pay a 1 time modem fee at P2,500 (DSL) or P4,500 (Fiber).


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