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I remembered a special delivery mail from Cebu and just opened it now after 2 weeks in my important mail bin. I was surprised to see a Get Go card with my name on it. I was not expecting the card specially that it was first class mail delivered to my new home (which I am still about to move in).

A Get Go card is a perk/reward system for passengers using Cebu Pacific which convert purchased amounts as points. Don’t get spooked by thinking that Cebu Pacific is sending random Get Go cards to their customers, you won’t get one without applying or opting to receive promos/events.

Get Go cards cost approximately P150 to have it customized and delivered at your doorstep, I got mine totally free and customized to the background image that I want. Get Go card only gives you 2 perks, early access to available seats in each flight and conversion of spent money into Go Points. The amount you need to spend can be as little as P5 to convert to 1 Go Point or as much as P250 to 1 Go Point.

This points can be used to purchase seats/booking flights with the lowest amount as 100 Go Points. On one of my booking, I already earned 128 Go Points.



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