Facebook is down, what is it for you?

Facebook is down or is it not?
Facebook is down, what is it for you?

Is Facebook Down?

One of the hardships with people who rely on Facebook is when this popular social media goes down. The big mystery remained, is it truly down?

Facebook for at least 4 hours was having issues loading on almost everyone’s browser. Instagram follow suit and Whatsapp. This, however, does not equate to being down.

Facebook is Online, Yay!

While the website version is down, the Android application was working fine except on posting to random strangers comments or timeline.

All messenger functionality other than instant messaging were also down especially the micro-transactions.

How will it Affect you?

No Micro Transactions
No Micro Transactions

If you are using Facebook for your business, you are locked out from your business.

Everything that uses Facebook ID login stops working. I got locked out from one of my favorite game and also to one of my source code versioning control.

You can’t accept payments using messengers microtransactions which result in loss of sales.

What can you do?

Create a backup plan which includes other methods for people to contact your business. If you are an online seller solely using Facebook to sell then get a twitter account and ask your Facebook followers to follow your Twitter account.

When Facebook goes down, WhatsApp and Instagram usually follow suit since they belong to the same umbrella company. Having a third party app such as Twitter will ensure that when your Instagram or Facebook is down, you are still visible online.

Add a secondary login method on your apps/website. Most apps offer a secondary way to login if Facebook is down.

Bright Sky
Bright Sky

Get out and enjoy the sun, it is fair hot weather on where I am right now so I will be enjoying the sun. ~ciao


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