Budget Shopping Using Zalora

Zalora Package

Zalora Package

Zalora is one of the major players in online shopping with specialty in the clothing and garments department. Unlike its competitors that act as a drop shipper, Zalora produce and deliver the items that they are selling.

Challenge: Budget Shopping Using Zalora

I have taken the liberty to try and purchase from Zalora for my needs using a mere P1000 budget. The challenge was a little bit tough considering the average prize of P799 in Zalora.

As a start, there was a 20%-50% sale in the shop. Digging further, Zalora also have a Weekly Highlight promo. At the time that I purchased, there was an existing “Buy 3 for P800” and “Buy 5 for P1200” promo which is great if only there was no calculation bugs.

Final Purhcase for P1000

A nice set of Polo Shirts for a cheaper price of P200 each

A nice set of Polo Shirts for a cheaper price of P200 each


My P1000 ends up with 5 high quality polo shirts, I have taken 7 tries just to make sure that the items price calculation is correct. I lost in the process 1 item that I really want to purchase. It ran out of stock while I was clearing and adding them back to my shopping cart.

I got 5 items for P1200 and then I applied Zalora’s voucher of P300 off for new buyers. I can lower it down by using a different voucher for P500 off which I opt out. First time vouchers expires when you purchase something.


Zalora Online Shopping


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