A New Year Wrap Up

At today’s technology phase, you can be a real home hermit.

Electronic Loading

Digital Beep Card topup at your finger tips

Technology has already advanced a lot. This includes new ways to top-up Beep cards without the hassle of visiting a partner store or visiting an MRT station. With the help of Coins.ph, topping up new load credits to your Beep card is now a breeze.

Micro Payments

Shopping has a new age called the QR era. They are now accessible on a wide range of area. The medium can be an app from a provider or using the word most love messaging app, Facebook Messenger.

The payment system is from the range of PayMaya, Gcash, WeChat, and Coins. The best part in the competition are the bonuses and freebies.

Just see my free purchase thanks to Gcash.

Video Recording

My portable studio

Photo Studios can now be mobile and portable. I started using a mini portable studio which suits most of my needs. The time of big studios are starting to fade.

That small pack is my mobile studio.

My portable HD camera

We are not limited to using big dedicated cameras. Most video bloggers I know started using mobile phones. For higher definition shot with faster shutter time and more light controls, a dedicated digital camera is still best.

What I have done is to convert a liability into an asset. The mobile phone comes from my postpaid Globe account which I now also use to shot movies/videos.

Here is a sample video I recorded with my nice tools

Above is a video sample from one of the events I visited using new the new learnings I have and gadgets at disposal.

We also need a tripod to hold the whole setup. Got mine for a low price of less than P800.00 or roughly $16.00 and it worked good. I just added a Boya Mic which I got from Lazada.

I got the tripod from a local seller which have a shop on Shopee but I purchased from his physical shop. The extra human interaction brings bonds from a client and seller perspective which I love most.

You can buy the microphone from Juan Gadget, a local seller in the Philippines with this link http://www.lazada.com.ph/-i122765207-s127887781.html

I purchased mine from the official seller which is 30% cheaper and I also purchased one from the link above.

Here is a nice thing for my readers, everything in my setup was technically free. On the exception of the monthly fee for the phone, everything was paid using Google’s Adsense payout.

Knowledge is FREE

Payoneer Event

Knowledge is FREE. Learn to search where you can get them. Make sure you apply what you learn. A good friend of mine once said…

“Walk the talk”

Apply what you have learned and make it work.

Cinematography and Visual Story Telling


The TechnoJunkie of the group who studied engineering but got stuck with software development. Remember kids, 90% of your problems can be solved by marketing. Solving the other 10% just requires good procrastination skills.

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