Star Mobile Play Click Launched with Smart


The TechnoJunkie of the group who studied engineering but got stuck with software development. Remember kids, 90% of your problems can be solved by marketing. Solving the other 10% just requires good procrastination skills.

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6 Responses

  1. Catseye says:

    My28s sim 2 slot always says invalid sim. Help

  2. coderinthebox says:

    corrected wrong entry of suggested price for unlocked version

    • Marin says:

      Hi.. would you recommend this phone for pokemon go?

      I have MY28 keeps telling me that: NO GPS SIGNAL FOUND

      I also have OPPO R1001 but play store says: version not compatible with device

      My kid and I would really want to try Pokemon Go.

      What can tou suggest?

      • coderinthebox says:

        The phone have a small battery and a bigger screen. As posted above, this phone drains faster than a My28. On the good side, My28 have a built-in tools.base.apk that is pushing unwanted ads to the phone, for Play Click, there was no noticed adware apk installed on the ROM.

      • coderinthebox says:

        I will be putting up an article for playing Pokemon Go on your desktop.

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