Secure Your Home Network Via Bitdefender Box

Secure Your Home Network Via Bitdefender Box

Bit Defender Box – the new technology in securing your home


We are facing a new generation which I safely call the interconnected generation. The information age has enabled us to connect not only our computers but our own home into the ever expanding global network.

On a few trips to Thailand, I encountered a hotel where the door can be unlocked using the WIFI and a mobile phone running under a VPN service. It is very convenient especially when you forgot your key, honestly I still prefer those magnetic keys that needs to be present on their respective slots to open the door and get the room powered.

I also landed on a modern house. The air-conditioning system was hooked to the internet and all actions including monitoring and adjusting the temperature was handled by the online applications. This is a great convenience but also a risk if improperly secured.

Television units now are being produced as Smart TV with the ability to connect online and “see” the people at home using the built-in cameras. I own such TV from a respectable manufacturer that can patch/upgrade its software from online sources and watch me while I am watching the TV.

As we move towards global connection, we are also putting our lives in the mercy of hackers and exploiters. The threat is real specially when someone is watching you for hours while you sit in front of your TV. Someone snooping on your bank accounts while you access them on your infected laptops. It is also possible to be a life threat when your conditioning units are being manipulated outside inducing temperature related attacks.

Luckily there is a new appliance designed for ordinary people made by Bitdefender, it’s called the Bitdefender BOX .


Advance Protection

Advance Protection


Do I need a Antivirus solution if I have the BOX installed?

Bitdefender recommends that you don’t need any more extra protection, as a honest review, there is no such things as a perfect solution. Box only analyze network traffic and blocks access but Box won’t be able to detect all of them specially a 0-Day exploit.

Does BOX protect my mobile devices when I leave home?

Yes, using Private Line , BOX protection is available for your mobile devices outside the home network. You can access and monitor your home network from your mobile device via a VPN.

How does BOX protect my devices?

Bitdefender BOX intercepts network traffic and scans it for signs of malicious activity. You’ll be notified instantly in the BOX app when a threat is detected and blocked. This is similar to OpenDNS service which is a free alternative DNS provider for your network connection. BOX however also acts as a firewall and a router for all your devices.

What if I have another Bitdefender Product Installed?

Bitdefender BOX is compatible to all your Bitdefender products. I can’t tell 100% if you really will gain something from subscription since I never tried subscribing.



BOX is designed for end-users and not for people with high skill in networking and security. Overall it protects your home network by acting as a middleman on all network traffic and dropping every anomalous connection that occurred. Box also shuts down connection from non-family friendly websites by blocking the DNS of offending websites recorded on the central database.

BOX however have no web interface which is a good thing base on my own standards and the app runs on a private network connection. BOX really help keep the theft and hackers at bay but not the most advance hackers.





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