Bandersnatch – An Interactive Movie

Bandersnatch is a new interactive installment for the Black Mirror series.

In England in July 1984, young programmer Stefan Butler (Fionn Whitehead) dreams of adapting a “choose your own adventure” book called Bandersnatch by tragic writer Jerome F. Davies. Jerome was consumed by madness in his attempt to complete his multiple ending book with parallel paths.

Bandesnatch Demo with the Legendary Colin Ritman

Stefan was invited by Mohan Thakur , the owner of Tuckersoft, to present his game concept. Bandersnatch which is an interactive maze game controlled purely by a joystick. A revolutionary game where text based games are the mainstream.

Develop Bandersnatch inside Tuckersoft?

You are given choices from minor things on what Stefan will do which have minor to no effect in the story. The first set of choices are what you should eat at breakfast and the music to listen. Some choices have no effect like picking which record to purchase.

The movie offers different endings with the ultimate goal of scoring a 5/5 review from the game critic featured on each ending. Developing the game in Tuckersoft office will instantly end the movie and the critic giving a 0/5 score for a game that is way so short.

Guide Stefan as he slowly being driven to madness in his attempt to build the best game ever.


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