Sniper Elite on 80% Off Sale at Steam

Sniper Elite: Ghillie suit

Sniper Elite: Ghillie suit

Sniper Elite 3 is a tactical third-person shooter that combines stealth, gameplay choice and genre-defining ballistics with huge, open levels and the exotic terrain of World War 2 North Africa.

Sniper Elite on 80% Off Sale at Steam until January 19, 2016


Sniper Elite 3 is a third person tactical shooter developed by Rebellion Developments and published by 505 Games. This game was released on PC, PS3, PS4, 360 and Xbox One in June 2014. It is a prequel to Sniper Elite V2 and the third game in the sniper series.

The gameplay in Sniper 3 is based heavily on being slow and steady with your approach to completing objectives, with an also strong focus on sniper gun play much like the previous games. What I really liked about Sniper 3 is that the stealthy approach is pretty much the only viable way to go on most missions otherwise you’ll just be pinned down in a firefight and outnumbered. The stealth aspect of the game is done extremely well, you probably will be detected by the enemies whilst taking down the guards, but it is all about cleaning up after yourself by dragging bodies to the long grass, or how you escape and hide away until the enemies give up searching for you. You can use various methods to distract enemies such as throwing rocks and laying traps. Before each level you get to choose your load out, you get the choice of a sniper rifle, a secondary weapon, side arm, and various other items such as grenades, medi-packs and traps. As you level up between stages you also unlock further rewards and items.

Of course, a Sniper game wouldn’t be complete without the stunning slow motion graphics of your bullet soaring through the air and them piercing through your foes scrotum, this my friends is the pinnacle of slow motion gaming. Granted after a while you’ll be skipping them because they will grow tiresome as they play after every kill with your sniper, but still, this gives you a chance to get some brilliant cinematic screenshots to show off your sniping skills.

Graphically, Sniper Elite 3 is gorgeous, I wasn’t able to push out full graphic settings on 4k resolution, but even on the lower resolutions (1080p), it still looks stunning. There is a wide array of setting to choose from which is always good to see. The visuals are amazing though, the night time levels really show of the games truly stunning lighting effects as well. I was a little disappointed to see the lens flare effect being used a bit too much, but everything else is truly stellar.

The game is fully voice acted, with the enemy soldiers speaking in German too, so subtitles are recommended for that. The sound effects really add an extra level of immersion to the gameplay. A nice feature which is added is that you can disguise your bullet shots underneath the sound of loud sounds in game too, which really helps you in your efforts to complete levels as stealthy as possible.

Sniper Elite 3 on Sale at steam

Sniper Elite 3 on Sale at steam

I have to admit, this game is quite difficult, even on the easiest settings; you really do need to take each level with a sense of slow and steady. There is really no point in running in all guns blazing because you will just get gunned down within seconds of being spotted. You will need to backtrack plenty of times in order to escape being detected, you’ll be needing to hide in rooms, crawl under buildings, anything which you can imagine you doing in the situation you are in, you can do. The latter levels of the game also ramp up the difficulty significantly as well, as each level slowly introduces more and more enemies for you to deal with.

Each level in Sniper Elite 3 is massive. Each level will have its own main objective, but as you progress and reach new areas of the zone, you’ll also unlock optional objectives, which can be things such as destroying some trucks, cutting off communication or something searching for secret plans. These optional objectives reward you with additional experience at the end of the level and also add an extra element of immersion to the game as well. The size of each level really means that you can get stuck in, and explore to your hearts content. There are countless amounts of collectable items for you to find if that is your thing too. Each of the games objectives, whether it be main or optional, will have more than one way of you being able to complete them, which will really add some replay ability to the game on your second run through.

I was a little let down by the fact that I finished the game’s single player in about five hours, granted I was playing on the easiest difficulty, but for a big release like this, I was expecting something more to be honest. I can see there being an essence of replay ability due to the nature of the levels being able to be completed in more ways than one, but I would say that there is no real need for playing through the game more than twice at least. There is a multiplayer side to the game, which I tried out, but it seems to be a little on the low side of players, and struggled to actually get into any proper gameplay, because given that it is a sniper based game, most people are camping in well-hidden places just picking people off when they try and complete objectives, for me I didn’t really enjoy the multiplayer.

Technically, I had a one major problem with Sniper Elite 3, and that was that the game kept crashing on launching the title, it would reach the title screen, but then just crash to desktop. This actually turned out to be an issue with Malwarebytes closing it, so it would be highly recommended that you add the Sniper Elite 3 folder into the exception settings for Malwarebytes if you run that AV. Granted that it wasn’t actually Sniper Elite causing the crash, you would still expect the game to have been tested with various popular AVs like this to see if they caused any compatibility problems.

My conclusion of Sniper Elite 3 would be that I would only recommend the game as a single player title; because the multiplayer just didn’t do it for me. Given that the single player side of the game can be completed in almost five hours, the full price tag of £39, 99 is absolutely absurd, and is actually fairly offensive that they can charge that amount of money for such little content. I would only say this game is worth picking up when it is below the £10 mark, yes the gameplay is top class, and the graphics are stunning, but you can pick up any of the other Sniper games for the same experience in both of those departments for cheaper. Actually saying that, it looks like all of the games in this series are expensive. Definitely wait for sale season to start before adding Sniper Elite 3 to your library.

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