PayMaya Review and Comparison

Shop and Beep with your PayMaya

Shop and Beep with your PayMaya

PayMaya was the craze of the town a few months ago. I am not an early adopter of any new technology due to bugs and issues that pop up as a side effect of rushed deployment (mostly the case) or hardware to software integration issue. If I am not mistaken, it is already 2 months since it was first released and I already have my pie share on what it is and how it works.

What is PayMaya

PayMaya is the new version of SmartMoney under the new Umbrella of Smart with a new brand name of Smart eMoney. This branch handles all virtual prepaid credit cards offered by Smart. PayMaya is a virtual prepaid debit card with an option of a physical prepaid debit card.

PayMaya Versus SmartMoney

Physical Card Payment
SmartMoney Charges P100 for the first time request of SmartMoney physical card and can go up to P150 for card replacement. PayMaya cost P100 to get your first card.. In reality, the card is free since you are paying the initial deposit of P100 for the card and it comes with free P30 of Beep wallet credit.

PayMaya unlike SmartMoney have no usage limit if you don’t opt to get the physical card. You can create your own card on the fly by downloading the application from Google Play and signing up for free. PayMaya is also available via Apple App Store by changing the country to PH from US. This is a Visa regional restriction for prepaid cards.

Telco Lock
PayMaya is not telco dependent in contrast to SmartMoney which is locked to a Smart sim card. You can sign up using your Globe/TM sim cards. This upgrade was first tested with SmartMoney users for almost 6 months resulting to a disliked new feature of SmartMoney which deduct P5 for every P1000 worth of money sent to the receiver. It is basically double charging since the sender was charged and the receiver was also charged. PayMaya charges the sender and the receiver for every money transactions.

PayMaya is powered by Rocket Internet as the major backend for the system side and was linked to Bancnet/Plus Interbank network. SmartMoney is backed by BDO from Megalink network

SmartMoney needs a physical terminal to pay your purchases while PayMaya only needs the partners account in order to pay over the air. The only catch is that you need a working internet connection to complete the transaction.

Physical Card Activation
You can get your generic PayMaya from Jump Stores (Got mine from SM Megamall Jump Store) and selected activation booths. The only group who got a personalized card are the early reviewers (bloggers and media). There was no news on when you can get your name printed on the card since personalized (named) cards are no longer available. You only need to wait 5 mins for the card.

You can get your SmartMoney card from any Smart Store but the physical card will be mailed with an average time of 7 days to 2 months. Yes, they take a very long time before they got delivered which gives a better edge for Paymaya.


Contact Less Payment (Beep)
PayMaya have a Beep chip embedded inside the card for those who opt for the physical card version. The primary use of the physical card is for card swiping and as contact-less payment for MRT/LRT.

A prepaid physical card for swiping and with contact less payment chip was first introduced by BDO. I had the theory that BDO was the first company that Smart approach for this new product however, things got sour before the deployment date. BDO cash card with contact less chip is expensive to have due to the fees and there is a load limit per month. You will loose your contact less wallet balance if you lost the card and you can only use it as payment for physical swiping.

Terminal Less Payment
One of the strong points for PayMaya is the terminal less mode of payment. As long as you can go online and connect your PayMaya account, you can readily pay your bill using the app menu which is a nice feature.

Loading Methods
You can load up at any 7-Eleven at the Cliqq kiosks, and at Robinson’s & SM Business Centers. You can also load up from Selected Smart Padala outlets but technically, all Smart Padala users and SmartMoney users can load you up.

If you have a Smart Money account, you can go to the Smart Money SIM Menu, select Transfers and then click on Others. Enter 8877+Mobile Number of the PayMaya load-up recipient. (ex. 88779181234567). Enter an Amount, your WPIN, and Send. 8877 is a requirement to be added at the start of your phone number to tell the server that you are intending to pass credits to a PayMaya card. Forgetting the 8877 required number will trigger a SmartMoney to SmartMoney transfer.

Beep Chip
There is no direct way as of the moment to reload your Beep chip other than reloading the chip on Beep reloading terminals. I hope this feature can be automated in the coming year 2016.

PayMaya is your SmartMoney and Beep card

PayMaya is your SmartMoney and Beep card


The TechnoJunkie of the group who studied engineering but got stuck with software development. Remember kids, 90% of your problems can be solved by marketing. Solving the other 10% just requires good procrastination skills.

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333 Responses

  1. Can i use paymaya po as savings account?

  2. Rachel says:

    Hi sir @coderinthebox.. ask ko lang po kung pede ako magbayad sa online booking ng airline ticket ko worth 60k (if converted from US dollars)? upgraded na po ako. wla po bang amount limit per transaction per day? TIA!

  3. Jane says:

    Hello good day, where I can avail the physical card ? Sa sm fairview Po ba Meron?

  4. Van says:

    Hi! I ordered something in instagram and the seller asked me to pay thru her PAYMAYA account. I transferred the money thru BDO Online banking to her Paymaya account. Unfortunately, I got scammed. The online seller either blocked me or deactivated her account.

    Is there any way/options where I can request Paymaya to debit her paymaya account and return the money to me? Looking forward for your reply. Best Regards

    • coderinthebox says:

      Contact and contact BDO. In cases like this, they will mostly ignore the complaint but there is a slight chance that they will deactivate the offending person’s account or reverse the charge. You can try it as a dispute complaint.

  5. Jaren says:

    To be honest, this blog has better customer service response compared to Paymaya themselves.

  6. Moose says:

    Hi, nag post na din ako ng comment dito last May 30, 2017, same issue pa din.

    Paano po mag withdraw sa BDO using Paymaya Smart Mastercard? Sa withdraw lang nag-e-error pero kapag gagamitin kong payment sa mercury, hypermarket, savemore, etc. okay naman. Upgraded naman, pero `di maka-withdraw.

    Paano po if defective yung EMV chip, anong pwedeng gawin?

    Need help… Thanks.

  7. JoVal says:

    fees when loading up paymaya – how much sa 7-eleven, sm, bdo etc. or which is cheaper to load? anybody?

  8. Leandro says:

    Did anyone used the paymaya card for withdrawal transactions? Need some update before loading up

    • coderinthebox says:

      Card won’t be sold if you CAN’T use it to withdraw. Make sure you get your account upgraded first and have a physical card linked to your UPGRADED account before planning to withdraw

  9. jess says:

    how long it takes in credit reversal?

    • coderinthebox says:

      7-21 days, if the seller did not issue a refund request. 1 day if the seller issue a refund request.

  10. Trickygabby says:

    Hi my gusto lng ako iclarify…upgraded na paymaya ko, automatic nba pag nagpalit ang buwan (month) un monthly 100k limit eh available na agad? Gamit ko sya sa paypal.

    • coderinthebox says:

      It is automatic, make sure before the end of the month, you will take out all cash from your account.

      • coderinthebox says:

        It will count with your total Cash-in for the next month. For people using it for personal use, you don’t need to take them out.

        The max limit of 100k a month and the previous months balance only affects people accepting money coming from other people. This will be fixed in the future though as promised by PayMaya.

        On September 29, you have 11k on your PayMaya account. If this money remained on your account on October 1, your usage for the month of October will be padded up for 11k (same amount that was present on your PayMaya). This is a logic error with the system that they are addressing. PayMaya is in constant update/upgrade and they are adjusting things a lot to make it work better.

        The correct action should be, you can put another 89k on your card for October and when you withdraw at least 11k, you will gain another 11k Cash-in allowance.

      • coderinthebox says:

        The thing that drags PayMaya development is the problematic support with SmartMoney system that crashes alot. Smart Mastercard (PayMaya) is the old Smartmoney and it is piggy backed on top of PayMaya system.

  11. Yet Ebreo says:

    Hi I ordered a physical card (Already upgraded my account thru fb video call). Just curious, does it really come with out the account name (my name) printed on it?

  12. samieeeeeeee says:

    hi san po pwede ipaupgrade yung paymaya acc, near sm north lang po.

  13. Lhen says:

    Pag reversal ng transaction sa Paymaya, promise uugatin ka sa kakahintay! Bulok ang support nila.

  14. amey says:

    hi, i was not able to transfer from smart money sim to paymaya sim. is network preference has something to do with this? like i linked my paymaya to my globe number. need advise. thanks.

    • coderinthebox says:

      Network preference have is not an issue. If you want to transfer money from Smartmoney to PayMaya…

      If you have a Smart Money account, you can go to the Smart Money SIM Menu, select Transfers and then click on Others. Enter 8877+Mobile Number of the PayMaya load-up recipient. (ex. 88779181234567).

  15. Allen Buita says:

    Nag try ako mag withdraw from paypal to paymaya kaso lang me lumalabas na internal error, pero okay nman pag nag widthraw ako sa bank account ko. Me issue ba kayong ganito? Thank you.

  16. Moose says:

    Hi, bumili po ako ng Paymaya Smart Mastercard sa Smart SM North-EDSA. Activated na po thru text then nag register po ako sa Paymaya App at successfully upgraded na din po thru Bayad Center. Bale meron na po akong Virtual Card at Physical Card.

    Nag send po ako ng 500 from my SmartMoney to my Paymaya Smart Mastercard. May text sa akin yung Paymaya na pumasok na yung 500 at nag pop-up naman sa Paymaya App yung balance. Nag try po ako na i-withdraw sa BDO ATM Machine ang 300 kaso nag e-error po. Bakit po kaya? Ano po ba pipiliin, Savings / Cards / Credit Card? Ang pinipili ko po kasi “Savings”.

    May text yung Paymaya na nag withdraw daw ako ng 300 tapos ilang seconds lang may text din yung Paymaya na balance na hindi nabawasan yung sa account ko. Bale nag double check ako ng balance ko thru text since wala akong na-withdraw na 300 at tama naman hindi nga nabawasan. Bale bumili nalang ako ng ice cream sa Mercury ginamit ko yung Paymaya Smart Mastercard at pumwede naman at dun na talaga ako nabawasan haha. Nung nag-check din ako ng Paymaya App lumabas dun yung sa pag-withdraw ko sa BDO ATM Machine tapos meron nakalagay na naka-refund andun din yung binili ko sa mercury.

    Tanong lang ano po ba yung ili-link na Paymaya Card sa Paymaya App? Yung mismong Paymaya Card po ba na kulay blue/violet o yung Paymaya Smart Mastercard na kulay green? Kasi yung nili-link ko yung Paymaya Smart Mastercard ko na green nag e-error po eh.

    Tumawag na din ako sa *788 ang sabi po activated, naka-link, upgraded at ready for withdrawal na. Pero hindi po ako maka-withdraw.

    Need help 🙂

    • coderinthebox says:

      Check if nasa “My Cards” na ang physical card mo.

      • Moose says:

        Yes po nasa “My Cards” naman na po yung Physical Card ko at Virtual Card ko.

      • Moose says:

        Opo andun Physical Card at Virtual Card

      • coderinthebox says:

        Your PayMaya card have an EMV chip, the issue can be one of the following

        1. The ATM machine was not accepting EMV chip enabled cards, notable Security bank rejects ATM/credit cards with EMV chip.
        2. The EMV chip was loose or defective.

        Known banks so far that I used that supports EMV chips are BDO and RCBC.Some BPI ATM accepts EMV enabled cards and some won’t.

        Those EMV microchips on your card contains your personal data.

  17. Hi nag hulog na po ako sa smart padala gamit ang number na nakaregister sa paymaya ko pero yung balance po ng paymaya ko is only 0 parin pero my confimation na po ako na na recieve! panu po iyun?

    • coderinthebox says:

      I am betting that you did not transact to a REAL SmartPadala center. You only transact to a person who have a personal SmartMoney account. That person have done a regular SmartMoney to CP# transfer and you should get a confirmation on how to claim the transferred money or worst, it was credited to your temporary SmartMoney account (if you are using a Smart sim).

      If you have a Smart Money account, you can go to the Smart Money SIM Menu, select Transfers and then click on Others. Enter 8877+Mobile Number of the PayMaya load-up recipient. (ex. 88779181234567). Enter an Amount, your WPIN, and Send. 8877 is a requirement to be added at the start of your phone number to tell the server that you are intending to pass credits to a PayMaya card. Forgetting the 8877 required number will trigger a SmartMoney to SmartMoney transfer

      • Josel zachary says:

        Ganito din po ba sa cebuana?? Use 8877 as starting sa paymaya number??

      • Ang 8877 or 7788 sa start ng number ay para lang sa SmartMoney to PayMaya. Ginagawa ito para maiwasan ang problema sa SmartMoney System sa kanilang “Send to Anyone” feature.

  18. jesebel says:

    hello sir, my friends send money to paymaya using smartpadala. from (smartpadala to paymaya) but the owner of paymaya said that he did not recieved the money to his paymaya number. he recieved only a notification that he can get the money thru smartpadala branch. but the problem is when he go there in smartpadala branch they said that he cant get the money because the beneficiary is not their smartpadala branch. how we can refund the money? thanks sir

    • coderinthebox says:

      How did your friend sent the money, please list the steps done. It is possible that your friend sent the money as a SmartMoney transfer and not a SmartMoney to PayMaya transfer. If the receiver is using a non-smart sim, the text is an instruction on how to claim the money on REAL SMART PADALA centers. A SmartPadala agent will have an extra menu on their Sim Menu that ask for a transfer confirmation code. The transfer confirmation code is what a non SmartMoney user gets. The money will be credited to any REAL Smart Padala centers who “cashed in” the transfer code.

  19. John Vincent says:

    Good day! I just ordered my physical card this day. Can I still be able to withdraw even if I won’t upgrade my account? Thanks in advance

  20. Raymart Amoranto says:

    Hi bro! I just wanna ask If I can use my paymaya card in abroad? Thanks.

    Example nag load ako dito sa pinas ng 2k balance can I use it in south korea?

    • coderinthebox says:

      Yes, but you can’t load it up in South Korea. As long as the establishment accepts VISA/Mastercard electronic

  21. Jovie says:

    hello po lahat po ba ng smart padala outlet pweding magsend ng pera sa paymaya account ko? last time kc my client use smart padala to pay sa paymaya ko, sabi dw ng store hindi dw pwede kulang dw ung account number.. pwd ko bamg gamitin ung virtual card number ko to receive money? thank you

    • coderinthebox says:

      All SmartPadala outlets and even personal SmartPadala accounts can send to PayMaya. SmartMoney already migrated to PayMaya. Ung store na yan ay holder lang ng personal SmartMoney at yang mga store na yan na nagpapaggap na SmartPadala center ay gumagawa ng sariling rules nila. Yan ang rason kung bakit iphaseout na ang SmartMoney para mawala sila na cause ng napakaraming issues. VIP account holders na lang at corporate SmartMoney owners (Tunay na SmartPadala centers) ang me working SmartMoney after June, 2017.

  22. xrafe says:

    can my friend and my family load my paymaya account from abroad?

  23. kaizen says:

    magkano po charge from Paymaya to Smartpadala transaction? thanks in advance

  24. Jeaneil Criscia says:

    Smart Money to PayMaya. I Send using my Smart Money. Pero yan po lumabas.

    Transaction was rejected. The Payment terminal may not be able to accept your transaction at this time.PLEASE HELP ?

  25. Kimmy says:

    Hi, Good Morning. pano po yung upgrade ng paymaya through video call?

  26. Yen says:

    I lost my paymaya card and i bought a new one, inaadd ko yung new card ko sa app pero yung naka lagay na virtual card ko yung old pa din? Gusto ko sana yung bago na lang. Is it possible?

  27. Efren says:

    I am trying to load up my acct but it says “transaction was rejected, the payment terminal may not be able to accept your transaction at this time” need help..

    • coderinthebox says:

      You already got the answer, the method you are trying to use to send money to load up PayMaya is offline or disconnect to PayMaya at that time.

  28. Arvie Pagtakhan Bernal says:

    Hi, what if I used a postpaid mobile number and the contract was ended? Could I still use my PayMaya both virtual at physical?

  29. Regina says:

    Hi 🙂 na upgrade ko na po yung paymaya ko. Nag try po ako mag withdraw thru bdo atm pero ayaw po e read yung card ko. Ask ko lang din po pwede ba ako mag withdraw sa kahit anung atm machine? Thanks po!

    • coderinthebox says:

      You need to link your PayMaya card to your PayMaya account. You can withdraw using any ATM for a flat fee of P15.

      • Ac says:

        hi how many days para makareceive ng confirmation text na naupgrade na? Wala pa rin kasi nag tetext sakin..

      • coderinthebox says:

        Nag paupgrade ka na? Upgrading is free. You need to have a video call with PayMaya, visit to selected Bayad Center, visit to any Jumpin stores or with their Caravans. Upgrade is 24 hours process after approval

  30. plegin says:

    Hi! pwede ko bang gamitin tong paymaya sa pagbili ng items abroad? like in dubai, plan to purchase an item there as a surprise gift. Kahit iba currency dun.

  31. FerdZ says:

    Sir, nag load ako sa 7-11 today pero wala ako nareceive na sms confirmation at until now wala pa din ung load para sa paymaya acct ko. active ba transactions kahit holiday ngaun? 1st time ko maranasan ganito ka delay.

  32. Jn Macapili says:

    Hello can i ask what shoudl i do after linking my paymaya with steam?and then there is a message saying The transaction is some what like still in the process.will it be successfull?or how would my action be successfull in order to use paymaya as an instrument in adding funds to my steam wallet.what is my next step?

    • coderinthebox says:

      It only means that the transaction is pending. Make sure you have upgraded your PayMaya and it have some money on it.

  33. Edson says:

    I’ve encountered a problem with my PayMaya Visa Card the two different malls earlier, Gaisano Mall and Gaisano South were not able to accept my paymaya visa card. THEY TRY TO SWIPE IT A LOT OF TIMES, BUT IT SAYS ERROR! EVEN AT DIFFERENT COUNTERSS EVEN THOUGH I HAVE A BALANCE AND IT IS ENOUGH TO WHAT I BOUGHT.

    • coderinthebox says:

      Sometimes the terminals are offline or they are trying to swipe it the wrong way. Some cashiers will try to process it as a BDO or BPI cash card. It should be processed as a credit card. Hay you used your card before? Sometimes the payment processors of Malls are just offline.

  34. Ran says:


    I just want know if someone from US(New York) can reload my PayMaya thru 7/11?

  35. question sir,
    hindi ko pa po na aactivate ang paymaya ko, in fear na baka may hidden fee na kailangan kong i-pay sa paymaya. so my question is. is there any payment for paymaya’s service? like a monthly pay for it or anything? I’m still new to this whole thing.

    • coderinthebox says:

      Fees are the regular P15 per withdraw from your card (standard ATM fee) and the P100 (P150 if bought online) for the card. There are no other fees that will be charged

      • Marie Bernadette says:

        Ngpaload po ako s smart Padala using my globe sim .. Paano k po ma itatransfer ung niload ko sa paymaya card ko ..

      • coderinthebox says:

        You have a PayMaya account linked to a globe sim at niloadan mo using SmartPadala? Or nagpadala ka to your globe sim ng SmartPadala Money? Magkaiba ung dalawang un.

  36. Monica says:

    Hi po. Hindi ba makaka widthraw pag hindi pa upgraded ang paymaya? Naka link na ung card sa account ko. Ask ko din magkano minimum para mka widthraw.

  37. romeliza says:

    Magkano po monthly maintaining balance ng paymaya

  38. Vanz Valerie Ponce says:

    Sir pag smart mastercard ba ang virtual account mu ay mastercard dn ang physical card mo? Or visa po

  39. vanz says:

    hello po sir. Pag ba ang virtual card mo ay mastercard. Ganun din ba ang physical ccard? Or visa yung physical card. Hndi kasi mawithdraw funds ko sa paypal dahil mastercard ung virtual card ko. phelp po

    • coderinthebox says:

      Only Visa can receive money from PayPal. New PayMaya accounts using Smart sims are automatically registered as SmartMoney Mastercard. There is no Physical card for Smart Mastercard.

  40. Darrel says:

    i tried to use PayMaya for Steam wallet funds. After I linked PayMaya to Steam, a text message came in saying approval of PHP 40.00 purchase at STEAMGAMES.COM and a liitle while another message saying approval of PHP 40.00 purchase at VALVE S.A.R.L. I didnt personally made any purchases in steam that time. I dont undestand how and why i got charged by that.

  41. William Hao says:

    Hello, my purchases got rejected but paymaya charged my account and hindi pa din ako narerefund. What should I do? Can anyone help me?

    • coderinthebox says:

      It will refund back. Unless Your PayMaya was a Smart Emoney Mastercard (new accounts from Smart). You need to contact PayMaya for that.

  42. Lance says:

    Good day sir, possible po ba na gamitin ang paymaya for facebook ads? If yes pwede po magpaturo kung paano? Salamat!

    • coderinthebox says:

      Yes, as long as FB accepts VISA card, make sure you have at least $1 more than the price you want to pay in your PayMaya card

  43. From SmartMOney:
    Transaction war rejected. the payment terminal may not be able to accept your transactions at this time.

    hindi ako maka load sa paymaya. :3

  44. asows says:

    nagagamit ba to sa mga payments na may 0% interest for installment?

  45. BUSWAK says:

    anybody here have refund experience thru paymaya? bec. I purchase in the internet and I request for refund from the merchant and they said its already refunded but it does not reflect into my paymaya account.

    • coderinthebox says:

      The merchant should initiate a refund transfer in order to get the money back. VISA can accept any money being sent to the card, a refund is not possible on completed transactions since VISA’s record is already closed.

  46. Martin tan says:

    Please help..someone used my card and inubus pa 16 k.. I called paymaya wala sumasagot

    • coderinthebox says:

      Account security of you card is your obligation. No once can use your card without you voluntarily giving them your CCV2 number

  47. Demie says:

    I just made my paymaya account yesterday. And i tried loading it up late this evening, around 5pm. It’s been four hours since, is it normally long before the money goes in? I really need to use it already. And i don’t know what to do anymore.

    • coderinthebox says:

      What method did you use? Did you follow the guide on how to load up your PayMaya? It should load in less than 2 mins except if you use BDO which takes 2-4 hours.

  48. Hi there, can i register on PayMaya using a globe simcard? Is it also possible that the Globe simcard that i register in PayMaya is linked to GCash? Thank you.

    • coderinthebox says:

      Yes, you can register using any Sim card and both PayMaya and Gcash can exist on the same Sim card.

  49. Adisson says:

    My 400 load in paymaya is gone . I’m trying to buy steam wallet using paymaya after my transaction it says there that the transaction failed but my balance is gone. what should I do ?

    • coderinthebox says:

      It will be refunded within the day. If not, write an email to after 24 hours plus screenshot of the failed purchase. Steam will deduct P48 – P70 on first purchase so be sure you have extra when buying from Steam.

    • Adisson says:

      its already 3 days since i load. but still my balance is not yet returned. help please I already sent an email to pay maya yesterday.

      • coderinthebox says:

        Contact Steam about the failure and send proof to PayMaya that the transaction failed. It usually take a few days to check.

  50. pndacodes says:

    Hi. Ask ko lang what if I purchase something online then the seller refunded me for my purchase, will it be auto-credited to my account? Or ihohold pa ng PayMaya yung money then ask for documents or something like that? Sorry but my knowledge is very limited about this. Can’t see much about refunds sa mga posts and replies. Tia 🙂

    • coderinthebox says:

      Depends on how the refund was done, if the refund was sent via cancellation of purchase (Visa side) it will credit back. If the seller sent the refund via VISA method, you will get it asap. If the seller uses other method, you need proofs so PayMaya can credit the refund.

  51. Jeannie A. says:

    Hi, I wanted to ask.. how long does it take for the money to be posted on my PayMaya virtual card if I do it via Robinson’s Department Store or 7/11? Is that real time?

  52. Pissedoff says:

    Can i rant here?. I decided to load up my Paymaya via BDO bills payment last sunday. I am aware that the transaction will be processed the next day. It’s tuesday now and i still did not receive my money. BDO sent me a transaction reference number. Sent it to, i also sent it to their facebook account plus my complaint. Right now, they are ignoring(SEEN) my messages.The last message i received from them was that i’ll be receiving the money within today(which was yesterday)
    I double checked the details of the transaction and I’m pretty sure I did everything correctly, the use of country code, number registered in my paymaya account, and pay the bills to Paymaya company. I am quite pissed actually since i have an ongoing case with BDO about my money not refunded to my account and this adds up. Tsk. Do you think i can report this to BSP while i still have my other ongoing BDO issue being investigated by them?

    • coderinthebox says:

      If they can’t return the money within 7 days, you can report it to BDO. PayMaya accounting department is slow with this kind of cases. I only have one issue with them in the past and it was my P5000 deposit was not credited, they got an error on their system but the accounting department refuses to refund or credit it back for 5 days. The support guys keeps on following the accounting department since the only thing accounting asked me was the BDO proof of deposit which I successfully given them on the same day (6 hours after I transferred online)

      • Neraj says:

        I am also experiencing the same. It’s been 5 days already. Were they able to refund back your P5000? This is already becoming a horror story for me.

      • coderinthebox says:

        It was refunded by BDO after 7 days. The money was with PayMaya but their system is rejecting to credit the money due to internal error.

        If you used 711, the money usually is with the EZPay system.

      • Neraj says:

        How did you try to resolve problem so that they will refund? Did you keep on contacting them?

        Thank you.

      • coderinthebox says:

        I followed up daily since the one at fault was PayMaya’s system

    • coderinthebox says:

      You can also report this to BSP as an alternative since PayMaya is under Bangko Sentral ng Pilipanas as a money transfer company under Smart/PLDT’s eMoney department.

  53. Online-newbie says:

    Hello! Good day! I’ve been using Paymaya to buy songs from ITunes, then one time, I didn’t noticed na ang amount ng mga songs na na download ko had exceeded the existing balance on my Paymaya account.. ngayon po ay the result wala pong nangyaring deduction sa account ko, pero na download na po yung mga songs, nasa phone ka no po and I’m able to play them… ang kaso na deny naman yung paymaya account ko… now I can’t update my other applications like FB, Snapchat… I’m planning to load a certain amount to my Paymaya account.. Will it solve the problem? Hoping to get an answer from you. Thanks and more power!

    • coderinthebox says:

      You got denied because you owe iTunes some money, load up and pay what you owe them.

      • Online-newbie says:

        Is it Ok for me to still use the same Paymaya account? Baka po kase pag nag-load ako to pay my excess sa ITunes eh di tanggapin yung virtual card.. Baka masayang lang yung amount sa virtual card.. what I’m planning to do is create another Paymaya account, load it up and then pay my transaction in ITunes.. will it work? Thanks!

      • coderinthebox says:

        I don’t know how iTunes work so I can’t give a final answer. All I know is how Google Play and Steam works in cases of pending charges. If you by chance you owe them money for late charging, the service will deactivate and will resume when you settle the balance.

  54. jj says:

    if a seller scam me and i pay using paymaya is there a way you can give the details of the person using that account?

  55. eyeshield21 says:

    How can I know the allowable amount in my card??

    • coderinthebox says:

      P50,000 total transaction and max card load for non upgraded accounts and P100,000 for upgraded accounts

  56. Issa says:

    Hi, I tried to load my newly upgraded PayMaya account via 7/11 kiosk last night and the machine always says “Merchant denied”. What does it mean?

  57. Al says:

    I’ve been using paymaya for months now. I always use bdo online bills payment to load my account. This was a good service but, now it is becoming a horror. Yesterday, 10/10/2016 I loaded php 500 to my account but, it is still not showing or it has not been posted. (Usually it takes 45 minutes for posting) I’ve been trying to call their customer service several times, waited more than an hour on their queue but, I did not get the chance to talk to anyone from paymaya.

    I feel like I have been robbed. Please beware of using this service.

    • coderinthebox says:

      Service is working fine and they only got a glitched a few days ago (711 kiosk). You can send an email to
      I was using PayMaya almost daily and I loaded it up via 711 and BDO on exception to those sent to my account as payments from third party people. Did you inserted your mobile number with a country code and made sure that you typed the correct mobile number?

    • Pissedoff says:

      I got that problem in my first try. Now, they are ignoring my messages on facebook and in email. Also tried calling them butbita no use.

  58. Melvin Bartholomew says:

    How do you deny an approval of purchase, or a refund.
    There was a random purchase that I didn’t authorize.

  59. john says:

    sir how will i suppose to load up my paymaya card via smart padala? I’ve tried it before but they insist because my phone card is globe. Then they asked me to enter my paymaya virtual card # and that will be the one that they’ll use. I’m not sure if they know what theyre doing so I just left the shop. Can you share what is the whole process if im going to load up via smart padala? Thanks, much appreciated.

    • coderinthebox says:

      8877 + cellphone number without the leading zero. Sample your number is 09161234567 as globe/smart, to load up via Smart Padala, they need to send the money to 88779161234567. You can get more info here

      Most SmartPadala shop using a personal SmartMoney number have no clue that PayMaya can be loaded by SmartPadala. They even have no clue that you can send money from SmartMoney to any cellphone numbers.

  60. merrari says:

    hi! I linked my paymaya to apple app store. loaded 300, bought something in an online game and it I still have my 300 balance. no I cant use my paymaya for apply store.

    • coderinthebox says:

      PayMaya is working on all online stores displaying VISA logo. Some vendors have deferred payment method or delayed charging.

      • Keanu says:

        mine too I also bought something in Pokemon go but there was no deduction with my money on paymaya, I even overspent what I I have pls help

  61. sarah says:

    hi im i just wanna ask if i want to purchase like smartphone via pay maya and want it as installment do i need to have same amount on my account to the phone i want to buy??

    • coderinthebox says:

      PayMaya is a prepaid credit card, most company wont allow PayMaya to be used for installment purposes.

  62. achi says:

    when i use ATM machine to withdraw using Pay Maya what to be select savings or checking?

  63. Bren says:

    Hi! I added my PayMaya card to Steam and I was charged P40.00 the other day. I removed the card from Steam due to wrong billing address and added it again. I was charged again for it. However, both charges are still not being refunded as the authorizations has a red flag. There is a message on the charges saying that the transactions are still being processed. How long would it take for the authorization to be processed? Thank you!

    • coderinthebox says:

      It takes 5 minute to be processed, your card was put on Steams dispute center since you supplied a wrong address and you linked it again.

      • Mikko Ray Matuguina says:

        its been more than 5 minutes and still no refund. how can i get it refunded?

      • coderinthebox says:

        If you tried to activated your PayPal using PayMaya, the deduction will be automatically refunded.

      • erik hermosillo says:

        hi this is erik from united states of America I have a paymaya card they send me this card from philipines but I cant active the card this is a card whit the chip but when I donwlow the app to register my card I cant pass there because I cant change the telephone are call from there can you show me how my email its plis help me whit this

      • coderinthebox says:

        Contact for help, there is no guarantee that they can help you since PayMaya is intended to be used in the Philippines using local telco numbers

  64. Van says:

    So Im trying to withdraw Paypal to my Paymaya card today but I keep getting this Internal Server Error. Do you have any idea why and what to do? TIA!

    • coderinthebox says:

      The error is on PayPal, only PayPal can check what the error was. Double check the website where you are loggin in, scammers built fake PayPal websites.

      • Van says:

        hi! ive succesfully withdrawn my funds using my tab. im just wondering why im not getting emails from paypal about my transaction. if i remember clearly, i used to get mails from them after i withdraw my funds.

      • coderinthebox says:

        My last transaction with PayPal have zero emails but that was 1 month ago. After that I was soft ban by PayPal asking me to change password. You can check it on the PayPal website, they have logs.

  65. Bernie says:

    Hi, I use my PayMaya regularly for UBER and never experienced any problems. Until last Sept. 17, I was charged twice the fare for my UBER trip. Although I only received one text message confirmation, I know it was more than the fare because my balance suddenly dropped as seen in the text. I reported to UBER that it was a duplicate charge, but they said they only received one payment transaction from my VISA (PayMaya). I computed my balance based on my previous transactions just to make sure I wasn’t wrong, and it was indeed twice the fare. The transaction has been completed, yet no amount was credited to my PayMaya account for the second charge. I was checking the PayMaya app for any feature or link to complaints but couldn’t find any. How can I report this? Thanks!

  66. sai says:

    Hi I’m just new here.. Can u help me pls.. I have a virtual paymaya but I can’t use it because it oftens ask about my billing postcode.. I put my postalcode but still not accepted..someone pls help me what to put in billing postcode.tia

  67. sh0cknaxxx says:

    Does paymaya has maintaining balance?

  68. Eric says:

    I ordered by card online and the one I have doesn’t have the beep logo on it. does that mean it’s not a beep card?

    • coderinthebox says:

      If the beep logo is missing, it is an ordinary PayMaya card with no Beep chip.

      • Nadia says:

        Hi! I bought a game from the appstore but the amount in my paymaya wasn’t deducted. How long will it take to reflect on my account? Thanks.

      • coderinthebox says:

        it is instant, that may only mean 2 things.
        1. the purchase failed
        2. google scheduled the actually charging (usually 24-48 hours)

  69. jan says:

    hi why im not receiving confirmation text from paymaya . I cant link my card bc it requires a 6 digit pin.

  70. jlai696969 says:

    Hi, how many days I will receive the Paymaya Card? Cebu location and I chose cash upon delivery. I was not able to see the delivery period. but it was successful though. I am afraid that by the time it arrives, i am not around to receive it and pay the amount. however, I was able to leave a message/ instructions. thanks

    • coderinthebox says:

      The delivery time is approximately 7-10 days. I can be shorter but on some cases, it takes at most 14 days.

  71. Blacksheep says:

    I tried to purchase an item online last night. I received an email from the merchant that it was processed and confirmed on the PayMaya app that the amount was already taken off of my account (or reserved maybe?). This morning I received another email from the merchant telling me that they were unable to process the payment. How long will it reflect that the amount was credited back to my PayMaya account? I can’t find any info regarding PayMaya’s billing cycle or if they follow any.

    • coderinthebox says:

      The money credits back within the same day.In your case, you need to dispute the charge. Send a support email to and give proof of purchase and proof that the transaction was declined the next day. Be careful since some online stores never delivered the items and just pretend that they did not get the money even if they have taken it out already.

      Some stores also send a test purchase of $1.00, it is possible that the charge that went through was a test purchase and when they charge your PayMaya card, you have insufficient money causing the transaction to decline and fail.

  72. Patrick says:

    Why is it tsking forerver for the loaded ammount to appear un our card?? And also if we eould like to load up our mobile phone what if my number is a sun cellular?? There is no lunk or item to choose for loading sun! This is now creating a big inconvenience on our part!!!

    • coderinthebox says:

      PayMaya loads up in less than 2 minutes unless you use BDO online banking which takes 2 hours to credit from Monday-Friday till 5pm or 24 hours when done after 5pm or on weekend

    • coderinthebox says:

      Why was it an inconvenience when PayMaya can only load Smart at TNT at the moment? They did not claim that they can load up Sun.

  73. Leo says:

    Hello! How to have a PayMaya Physical Card? How much? How long does it take to have it?

    • coderinthebox says:

      You can order online on their website, it takes 5-7 days to get the card. It will be longer if you live in the province.

  74. Jayson says:

    Sir , how do i load up paymaya using 7/11? PANO PO pag enter ng number? which should i use? the +639, 639, 09 ?

    • coderinthebox says:

      Select Prepaid / Debit card or Emoney.Name changes per kiosk, must be related to the installed system on the machine. You can’t miss it since it display the PayMaya logo. Select PayMaya on the subcategory, key in your Name as how it appeared on your virtual card and keyin your 11 digit cellphone number. Type in the amount and print it. Pay the transaction at the cashier and don’t leave the store if you have not received the PayMaya confirmation text.

    • coderinthebox says:

      The number you need to put is your cellphone number linked to your PayMaya account.

      Example: 09192618922

      Please note the following
      Pay to PayMaya Billing company
      From BDO use 639192618922

      Trasnfer to PayMaya Billing company
      From SmartPadala 88779192618922

      Pick PayMaya Card Reload
      From 711 Kiosk 09192618922

      Pick PayMaya
      From SM/Robinson bills section 09192618922

  75. Joan Reyes says:

    PAYMAYA is debit eater… I’ve also experience hell of refund, my stuffs were cancelled by merchant and didnt not collect any amount but this damn paymaya ask requirements and upon sending no respond on their lazy agents, I even added rvca team support on email trail and instructing them to refund their customer and even showing screenshot their gateway payment that there is no amount collected, but still those idiot agent on paymaya never replied or on the trail… Keep calling their hotline for follow up its looks like they do not care at all, its been 12 days since i submitted documents they needed but I dont know when do I can get back my refund no email reply, no assurance… PAYMAYA Is suck! Better have visa debit card from legit bank rather than having debitcard from 3rd party which makes life hell… Stupid **** to avail their card, youll regret it all.

    • coderinthebox says:

      Sorry to hear that but I never experience it and I am using the service since Day 1. I don’t know any people who have issues like yours. I approved your post which was put on spam bin and no alteration except 1 word censorship.

    • coderinthebox says:

      PayMaya also automatically refunds since it is VISA but the other end must cancel the transaction. The merchant you purchase from may have NOT cancelled the transaction and it successfully credited on their Credit Card. That is how online purchases work, if the other end won’t cancel, it will complete and the money is on the seller. The only kind of transactions that does not need a cancellation to refund is merchant test purchase, it is just a request to RESERVE $1-$5 and not CHARGE. After a few hours, the transaction will revert and ONLY VISA can accept the money back into their system.

  76. Bubbles says:

    Hello…I already have paymaya accout, I want to purchase in zynga poker game vut it doesn’t work., where can I find the pin of my online purchase card..please help me

    • coderinthebox says:

      First activate your PayMaya virtual card, you can do it on the apps card management. You wont get a PIN unless you have a physical card instead you will have a CCV2 code, you can see that CCV2 on card management.

  77. Bonn says:

    Can I use PayMaya to buy Steam Wallet Code on 7/11 Store?

    • coderinthebox says:

      You can use PayMaya to purchase Steam Wallet load as long as the company approves and accepts Visa. PayMaya is my favorite source of money for Steam purchase and Steam Wallet reload

  78. Lloyd says:

    I followed loading up with BDO online and says it will credit within 2 hours. It still doesn’t load up after 2 1/2 hours. Is this normal?

    • coderinthebox says:

      Did you inserte the correct phone number with {63) country code and the correct name? If yes it should credit within 2 hours unless you made a transfer past 8pm which will take 1-2 days

  79. Christian says:

    Quick question, how can someone send me money thru BDO? Thank you.

    • coderinthebox says:

      Goto Bills Payment, select “PayMaya”
      On the account number, enter your registered phone number plus country code of 63 (example 639192618922) and account name as your registered name on PayMaya.

      The money will be credited between 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours.

  80. Nekmu says:

    Hi, can someone from the US load my Paymaya account?

  81. Aly says:

    I know this is a dumb question but I’m just really new to online shopping… So I’m planning to purchase an item using paymaya, if I load 200 on my card and the amount I’m about to purchase is greater than my load can I still purchase it? Will I pay it cash on delivery? Thanks!

    • coderinthebox says:

      PayMaya is a prepaid credit card, as of now, you can only have a negative balance by using your card on Uber. In case for online purchase, you can’t go beyond what you have on your card. The transaction will be declined with an error like “Your bank denied the card transaction”.

  82. Giselle says:

    I know this is the dumbest question pero is it okay na gamitin ang paymaya for saving money?

    • coderinthebox says:

      No, don’t use PayMaya to save money, anyone can charge your PayMaya card if they know your name, address, card number and CVV code. PayMaya also won’t earn you any interest. You better deposit your money on a bank.

    • coderinthebox says:

      No REAL question is dumb question.

    • Jerry Dee says:

      How to withdraw a money from atm machine using pay maya visa card? Does it required a pin? The pin with 6 digits registerd on the app settings?

      • coderinthebox says:

        It requires a PIN. The PIN can be set on your PayMaya APP and will only be available after you have upgraded your account. Added info, since PayMaya is still negotiating with banks to find a reasonable partner, all ATM transactions will be charged at P15, it is wise to check your balance via text messages.

  83. can it pay(PaymayaVirtualCard) for an international company/site that needs Visa is this applicable?

  84. Hi is it possible if i use my paymaya virtual card for paying method in Zentaizone? cause it requires a visa card and paypal thank you 🙂

    hope u can reply

    • coderinthebox says:

      You can use PayMaya to pay all company that needs a Visa electronic card/online payment. You can also link your PayMaya to PayPal if the site only cater PayPal

  85. DoctorX says:

    is it possible to withdraw my remaining balance on my PayMaya Virtual Card? if yes, how? thank you

    • coderinthebox says:

      If you intend to withdraw those money below P100 then the answer is you can’t withdraw them but you can use them to load your prepaid card

      • DoctorX says:

        what if it’s not below ₱100? thank you

      • coderinthebox says:

        You can widraw via any ATM machines, the charge is P15 per transaction. Fastest to zero it out is to use your PayMaya to pay groceries

      • The P100 or above is for ATM withdrawals, right? It would need the physical card anyway.

        What about the virtual card though; Can funds from it be withdrawn from at least BDO branches?
        And I think we have to be upgraded to do that. Is that right?

      • Aaa nevermind. I just read from a few replies below that there isn’t a bank branch withdrawable from using either physical or virtual card.
        So the only way to withdraw funds is thru ATMs with a physical card as of this moment.

      • coderinthebox says:

        PayMaya have no partner banks yet. Smart E-money dropped the planned partnership with BDO a year before official release. They instead partnered with a big IT industry from another country. Base from PayMaya, they are already working to talk with banks to find the perfect partner so people won’t be charged P15 per transaction and over the counter withdrawal

      • Ah, at least that’s good to hear that they’re already working on it. Thanks!

  86. DoctorX says:

    is it possible to withdraw my remaining balance on my PayMaya Virtual Card? if yes, how? thank you

  87. qsamaranto says:

    How much is the loading fee?

    • coderinthebox says:

      For SM payment center it is P11 – P15, charge changes from branch to branch but they are close to each other.

      I have no idea how much Robinson payment center charges.

      For BDO, it is free, you need to use a PayMent Slip. The money will be credited in 2-4 hours.

      It is free for now on most 711 branches.

      You can also use SmartPadala service.

  88. lleonardg11 says:

    Can I make a postpaid plan with globe by using paymaya as a credit card?

  89. Heisen says:

    Hello What happens to my Paymaya? I topped it up and it says there is a server error this go on for days already..

    • coderinthebox says:

      Where did you top it up? It is working on my side.

    • coderinthebox says:

      Possible issues are, your choice of top up method is under maintenance. I can receive topups from SmartMoney and from BDO. You can also send an email to and tell them the issue you have encountered. They are the one who have your complete records including failed topups.

    • gg says:

      i already load up how can I redeem it as steam wallet?

  90. Carlo says:

    Does PayMaya support cash conversion of peso to yen? I’m planning on ordering from

  91. can i connect this with paypal? cos im planning to buy something from massdrop and paypal is a mode of payment there

    • coderinthebox says:

      Yes you can connect to PayPal since it is a credit card. The only catch is that PayMaya is a prepaid credit card, you can’t spend beyond the amount stored on your card.

  92. Can i use this on steam? do i need to upgrade the card? been having trouble with globe’s amex I really need this,

    • coderinthebox says:

      You can use it on steam, I was purchasing a lot of games from steam using PayMaya. Sometimes, Steam’s card processor gets clogged up and the card may fail.

      You only need to activate and have enough cash on the account to purchase.

      • So if i use Paymaya and want to load into STeam, I will use VISA? enter the card number and other Info from my PayMaya Visa card? how much does i have to pay to purchase 700 Paymaya in 7/11 kiosk?

      • coderinthebox says:

        Most 711 branches have P0 charge fee.

  93. Mac says:

    How long does Paymaya update my balance after purchasing online? In my case, I used Paymaya for Ad Promotion in Facebook, my balance haven’t changed yet 24 hours past my transaction. Then I tried purchasing again and it works though technically, I should have no enough balance for that. Would they deduct my excess expenses on my next top up? Thank you.

  94. janice says:

    if i loaded my paymaya and decided to withdraw some, can i do it in BDO?

  95. coderinthebox says:

    Why did you link it more than once. Itunes is slow in linking. I have no idea with iTunes but Google Pay and PayPal will return that Money

  96. badenglish says:

    hi can you help me… first timer here… how does paymaya being deducted? i have overpurchased in he app store… and every time i update my payment info in itunes they duducted $1… when i checked my purchase history in itunes, it says that nothing is being paid with all the apps ive purchased… i’m planning to load up my paymaya again… how will it be duducted…. sorry bad english…

    • coderinthebox says:

      You cannot over spend on PayMaya, it is a prepaid credit card and will only consume your current load wallet balance. The feature to auto deduct from your bank account was not yet implemented since they have no bank partner yet

      • badenglish says:

        yes you can… i currently owe app store $25 and i cant download even download or update my apps…

      • coderinthebox says:

        You cannot download or update since you have not paid the amount yet.

        The $1 charge you got was the standard account verification. If the $1 gets charge succesfully, your credit card will be added to your account

      • badenglish says:

        and i thougt paymaya is dudected $1 at a time. i linked paymaya with itunes repeatedly and it deducted $1 every time. my 500 PESOS load is now 27.05 PESOS… will it be refunded in the end?

  97. Marvie Napay says:

    actually its not transfered… i withdrew some amount… for real? 1week?!

    • coderinthebox says:

      2 days is the fastest before they changed, it was PayPal who changed the rule and made it 5 – 7 working days. Please note the word “working”. Every transaction going to PayMaya was credited in less than 5 minutes except stated otherwise (BDO transfer the Money in 2 hours)

      As an added info:
      PayPal was not charging any amount for PayMaya transactions until January for amounts greater than P7000
      PayPal also credits the money in less then 3 days early this year.

      Today PayPal
      Charges P250 fixed for every card withdrawal, maybe to make their processing easier. The amount if NOW FLAT rate.
      They have lengthen the time to 5 – 7 working days perhaps due to credit card frauds.

      The one that takes 2 days now is the refund for the $1 charge when activating PayPal using PayMaya.

      • badenglish says:

        will it deduct even if i’m offline?

      • coderinthebox says:

        It is a VISA card, all credit card will auto deduct or charge even if you are sleeping once you made a purchase

  98. Marvie Napay says:

    hi i transfered my funds from paypal to paymaya… its already 30hours ago….. how long will i wait??

    • coderinthebox says:

      up to 1 week. transfer time is 3 days to 1 week.

      • Marvie Napay says:

        i thought i was less than 2 days.

      • coderinthebox says:

        It was PayPal who changed the rules, before it was 2-3 days then the changed it to a longer time period but still early this year.. they deliver in less than 3 days.

        Updated photo for Withdrawals are here and before you can proceed with the process, PayPal presents the time, cost and choice of bank or card for the Withdrawal.

  99. Ysabel So says:

    Hi I loaded my paymaya virtual card from 7/11. And im purchasing something online for my project but it was declined? Is it activates the moment you loaded it?

  100. JV says:

    Hi what will happen if my physical card got stolen/lost? Is there any way I can get another physical card and link it to my old account?

  101. jean says:

    ive been scammed and the scammer used his paymaya to let me deposit my money to his account! what should i do? can paymaya help me?

  102. miggy says:

    security bank and paymaya are partners?

  103. saysay says:

    i just shopped yesterday. why did the swiper keep on saying “do not honor” we tried it many times but theres no changes. DO NOT HONOR

    • coderinthebox says:

      Is it activated? Does your card have enough cash on it?

      • saysay says:

        yes its activated. theres sufficient balance. i used to shop a day but the other day the swiper says “DO NOT HONOR” already
        . i dont know whats happening.

      • coderinthebox says:

        Might be a temporary error. Contact for more info so they can also investigate what have happen.

  104. summer says:

    hi, can i purchase items online even without upgrading my account? can i purchase using my virtual account, on amazon, flora200 as long as they accept visa account/cards? thanks!

    • coderinthebox says:

      As long as your virtual card is activated and have enough cash load, you can purchase.

  105. Marie says:

    Hi! Is PayMaya the same with other credit cards when it comes to billing? Like will they send you a statement of account at the end of the month or you have to put enough credits on your card before you can purchase something? And also how and where can you withdraw your funds from paypal? Thanks

    • coderinthebox says:

      Add enough credits, PayMaya is a prepaid credit card that can accept deposits using Visa Network.

      • Marie says:

        Just to make things clear, so that means that you cannot purchase something when your credit isn’t enough?

      • coderinthebox says:

        Yes, it is a prepaid credit card. It works like a debit card except that you no longer need to key in your pin and can accept transfers

      • Marie says:

        Okay thank you. And also am I going to put the Virtual Credit Card info when I add my credit card onto a website or the physical card info? I just noticed when I activated the virtual one its credit card number was different onto my physical card but I already linked it to the app.

  106. tom says:

    how can you change your address linked to your paymaya if ordered from online?

  107. Ana Carmella says:

    Hi, i cannot. Link my PayMaya visa card, it says wrong info. Am i typing wrong? Account # is the same as the credit card # right?

  108. Loli says:

    Can paymaya locate scammers?

  109. Mary Jane Solis says:

    i’ve been using paymaya for purchasing dress in online shop like ali. but last night i order in dre******* the payment was hold. why is that?

    • coderinthebox says:

      Only the seller can determine why it was on hold. Not all sellers are legit. You should get a text message for every successfully purchases. As a word of advice, contact for more info since you may have been scammed.

    • coderinthebox says:

      Here are the extra information to contact PayMaya. Tel (+632) 845-77-88 Toll free: 1800-1084-57788

      • cherry says:

        how to withdrawa paymaya cash to atm?

      • coderinthebox says:

        Upgrade to PayMaya with physical card, use the physical card to withdraw on any ATM. Charge is P15, bank may add extra charges example MetroBank sometimes charge P20-P25 (P5-P10 goes to the bank). BPI, BDO, and RCBC charges flat P15.

      • cherry says:

        ok thank you for information because im first timer to using paymaya.. i just only know someting.,,, i ordering paymaya family bandle because i want to give my kids too at my husband also.. and i really want to know how to withdraw cash money from atm machine.. but i will try it if my card is i holding because im still waiting to recieve my paymaya card.. i ordering true online.. btw thank you again 🙂

      • coderinthebox says:

        Cards are pre-activated if ordered online, you only need to link it to your PayMaya virtual account using PayMaya android program

      • Do you mean pre-upgraded? We do have to activate the card thru the app or SMS…at least the PayMaya FAQ said so. (

  110. Hi there! Why can’t I use my PayMaya at Metrodeal?

    • coderinthebox says:

      Before you can use your PayMaya you need to activate it first. Activated means you already setup the billing address, activated by accepting the terms and added enough cash to your account.

      If your PayMaya billing details does not match your billing address used when paying, the transaction will be rejected just like a real credit card.

  111. Kae says:

    How does paymaya charge my credit?

    • coderinthebox says:

      PayMaya won’t charge your credit, it will subtract the amount you purchased on it’s virtual wallet. PayMaya is a stand alone prepaid credit card.

  112. Kae says:

    I’m using my paymaya virtual for promotions.. When will they charge my credit?

    • coderinthebox says:

      All transactions done with PayMaya gets deducted real time on your PayMaya virtual wallet. Crediting on the other hand can be done real time or with 2 hours delay

  113. luigi says:

    can i use paymaya to buy items from ebay?

    • coderinthebox says:

      Yes you can,. it is a working prepaid credit card. Just swipe or type in the correct info. Just make sure that you have upgraded your PayMaya account to purchase from Ebay

      • summer says:

        hi, can i purchase items online even without upgrading my account? can i purchase using my virtual account, on amazon, flora200 as long as they accept visa account/cards? thanks!

  114. Sean says:

    Is there a fee when you transfer money from your PayPal to your PayMaya accnt?

  115. Leonel says:

    i tried using paymaya for steam wallet funds, it always says that an error has occured. does it not support steam?

    • coderinthebox says:

      It supports all. I am using it to purchase steam games, it is steam who have random issues due to high volume of request. 🙂

      • Curtz says:

        does it have to be linked to a physical card for steam to accept payments from paymaya? I’m getting errors and I can buy steam games

      • Curtz says:

        I can’t buy steam games*

      • coderinthebox says:

        No need for a physical card as long as you have enough cash and an activated account

  116. Jovit says:

    just keep trying to withdraw the paypal funds to paymaya ,I actually just made it , it is pending now for withdrawal review for 24hrs. using android smartphone used different browsers ended with puffin browser , withdraw your funds from pH currency so convert it via PayPal ,give it a try! hope this works for us

    • coderinthebox says:

      I got mine after 36 hours for $1.00 converted at the rate of P40.xx per $1.00, honestly speaking, PayPal try to cheat it’s user for years using currency conversions. Still, nothing beast Paypal in Philippines for now due to buyer protection. You can’t win at everything

  117. skysenshi says:

    Can you physically withdraw from Paymaya?

    • coderinthebox says:

      Yes, you can withdraw from PayMaya but first, you need to ask for your PayMaya physical card. It cose P100 with P100 credits and P30 beep card load. You can avail for the card in any Smart Jumpin stores or any PayMaya booth. What you can’t get as of this moment is a personalized PayMaya card.

      • skysenshi says:

        I tried withdrawing from PayPal to PayMaya. It said: “You cannot complete this transaction at this time.” PayMaya told me they had not limits for withdrawing from PayPal, and PayPal said my problem was probably my browser (I changed browsers, it still didn’t work). Maybe we can only buy with PayMaya but not withdraw into it even if PayPal says it’s eligible.

      • coderinthebox says:

        Good pm, sorry for the late response.. SmartMoney have undergone maintenance yesterday. I will try adding my paymaya account to paypal again to see if things changed.

      • coderinthebox says:

        I have successful re-added my PayMaya and widrawn $1.00 going to PayMaya, the transaction works and I got P40 for $1.00. Transactions takes a few days to complete. I will test it again in the coming months.

      • janice says:

        is it to any bank?

  118. Can you link it with Paypal?

    • coderinthebox says:

      Yes, you can easily link with Paypal. Add a credit card in Paypal then use your Virtual PayMaya card provided in the app. Paypal will try to withdraw $1 – $5 from your PayMaya Wallet. If your PayMaya account have at least P250, the transaction will proceed and you will have that same amount on your Paypal Account. The receipt will be sent as a text message on your registered sim number.

    • coderinthebox says:

      As of December, Paypal will only charge you $1.00 when linking PayMaya to them. After 2-3 days, the same $1.00 will be refunded to your PayMaya Account.

      • Kriszia says:

        Why is paymaya in facebook not replying to my messages i want to upgrade my accnt but they just seen me and not replying to my email. Can i still withdraw using the paymaya visa card without upgrading?

      • coderinthebox says:

        You need to be upgraded before you can widraw or transfer to other accounts. You can visit selected Bayad Centers to upgrade. Leave a comment with your area (City, district) and I may be able to point you to a Bayad Center

  1. December 22, 2015

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