MVP Rewards Review

MVP Rewards Physical Card

MVP Rewards Physical Card

MVP Rewards

PLDT have just launched it’s new MVP Rewards system replacing the old point base reward system for loyal subscribers.  I first got this offer last November stating that I can join the new promotion offer that will take place on January 2018.

Having bad experiences with PLDT as a company made me doubt that things will be OK and to be honest, a lot of issues occurred before the official product launching this month. Most of them are lost points for the months of January and February which should be automatically converted into MVP points.

Building Trust

The trust building is not a rocky path to take due to some reasons. It was powered by PayMaya and based on my experience, PayMaya only failed me once since it was launched  (I got one of the first invites to review and try PayMaya). PayMaya as a company have already given me more than P5000 in rebates alone and this excludes the discounts I am getting on sales with Lazada and other partner websites.

It was endorsed by Sun Cellular  as the new rewards system. They even posted about it on their facebook page. Sun Cellular was majority owned by PLDT via Smart Telecommunication, their data and voice services was now piggy backed on the Smart Network after all of their tower was converted into a Smart Cellular tower. Even if they shared the same tower, Sun Cellular still gives me superb voice and data service unlike Smart’s lousy quality of voice and Data.

I officially signed up to the new MVP rewards page on January 8 and 9. Yes I signed up using 2 accounts. It is a habit of mine to organize anything that I can categorize so I used an existing PayMaya account as my first MVP rewards account which linked all of my prepaid accounts. I signed up a second one which linked all of my postpaid accounts in it.

The best thing about this MVP Rewards is that you will get a FREE MVP PayMaya card with your name printed on it if you signed up before February 28. Card was delivered after 23 working days.

MVP Rewards Benefits

Please note that if your MVP Rewards account number is not enrolled to PayMaya, you need to enroll it to gain the benefits. This MVP Rewards account gave me the following benefits

  • Activating the Virtual Card gives an instant P100. This may not be applicable on everyone.
  • All of my new points was automatically converted into Peso points and deposited to my linked PayMaya account.
  • My new PayMaya/MVP rewards account earned an instant P214 rebate this February on it’s first use and on top of that, I get a whooping 20% discount in Lazada when I purchased my need stocks of coffee, special and extra long mouse pads and others.
  • I got 20% rebate on my first Eload transaction for the month
  • I got different bill rebates using my PayMaya/MVP Rewards card. I just need to show my physical card to partner stores.

There are a lot of things that I was able to do with the new MVP Rewards promotion. I am betting that this was finally a nice product that they have come up.

You can signup using this link if you want to try it out. It is free and there is nothing to lose.

Easy Steps to Sign Up

  • Visit and register your existing Smart/Sun/TNT simcard
  • Link any sim card that you own, any postpaid accounts under Smart/Sun/TNT and even PLDT
  • Wait for the successful message and a different text message will be sent informing you that a delivery of an MVP Rewards card is underway.
  • Wait for the card and enjoy



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12 Responses

  1. dallin zabala says:

    hi po it takes how many days to receive the sms or the text message

  2. Hmm.. Wouldn’t I be questioned if I used it as a VISA card, after all a printed name is required for any VISA transaction? Have you tried paying with it as VISA?

  3. Bhing says:

    Hi sir..can i request from pldt to have my name be printed in my mvp card?

  4. Nando Uy says:

    I received a SMS from Smart to claim my MVP Card at the Smart Center so I went there yesterday to get it. Today, I went to Robinsons Customer Service to load up P100. Another virtual MVP Card with a humber different from my physical appeared on my PayMaya app on my android. Is this virtual MVP Card number my Paymaya number? Just got a bit confused because I was expecting a PayMaya virtual card to appear on my app.

    • Your virtual and Physical card always have different numbers and they are both valid. Your account number for PayMaya is your activated mobile number.

  5. Riss says:

    Sir, kailangan ko ba ipresent yung mvp rewards card everytime magbabayd ng bill ng pldt to gain the rebates? We usually pay pldt bills sa sm business center, will they acknowledge my mvp card? I registered and got the said mvp personalized card but no rebates whatsoever. We also paid our february bill already. thanks a lot!

    • To get the exclusive promo, yes you need to present the card. If you only want the cash point rebate, you don’t need to present the card. Just pay your enrolled account on time and in full.

      • Aivie says:

        Hi sir, i just got my mvp rewards card this June. And it doesn’t have a name on it. What can I do to have my name be put on the card? Thank you. I hope for your reply.

      • All MVP cars past February 2018 will have no name

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