Is Globe GCash Worth Your Time

Is Globe GCash worth your time?

GCash have recently announced that they will be charging customers with NO TRANSACTIONS  in 6 months for P50 per month. All inactive cards with Zero balance will be closed. This move will clean up unused reserved card numbers (virtual/physical) and return them to the allocation pool. This is a bold move but will potentially bring interest back to GCash which was left behind a lot by the SmartMoney’s PayMaya.

GCash will be charing a running P50 per month for it's use

GCash will be charing a running P50 per month for it’s use

GCash Good Points

Convert your prepaid load to GCash load

Prepaid load to GCash load

  • You can convert your prepaid load into GCash cash money. The conversion is instantaneous but with a working charge of 10% of the amount you are transferring.  The available packages are also limited since you can only convert in packets of P10.00, P25.00, P50.00, P100.00, P200 and P500.Due to the 10% service charge, the load deductions are in packets of P11.00, P27.50, P55.00, P110.00, P220 and P550 which is a little expensive base from my standards.How can you leverage this? If you are someone like me who only uses Globe for calls and you have stock up a huge surplus of load, this is the best way to flush those extra credits instead of waiting for them to expire. I do use Smart for most calls but uses Globe for calls that needs a reliable connection.The process of converting your prepaid load is not hassle free since most of the time, GCash app will complain of an error from limbo and you need relogin to see if the prepaid load was indeed transferred or not.
  • You can use GCash to load other networks sim cards, this is very convenient if you maintain more than 1 sim cards.
  • You can use GCash to send remittance abroad to Globe partner outlets. You only need to provide the recipients cellphone number.
  • You can use GCash to purchase online or swipe it to purchase on physical stores, GCash reports when you get charged on your GCash account.
  • You can link your GCash to a virtual Amex card, I honestly don’t know the advantage of using a virtual Amex
  • You can load GCash via 711, DragonPay and a few more partners.
  • Some GCash physical cards have beep chips for MRT/LRT

GCash Bad Points

GCash Virtual Amex card

GCash Virtual Amex card

  • Virtual Pay Amex gives you an incomplete name. In the photo on the right, my last name was encoded as “NO INFO”. Your shipping address is a town/address in America. This will flag fraud on most shopping carts since you will likely ask them to deliver your items in Philippines and yet your address is located in America.
  • Converting your prepaid load to GCash load sometimes won’t work and often times throws a random error.
  • Loading via 711 kiosk cost an extra 10% service charge while the competitor PayMaya have zero charges.
  • Loading via online banking passes Dragon Pay, a third party billing agent. If there are disputes in the future regarding cash in, you need to deal with the bank, dragon pay and Globe.
  • Dragon Pay transfer takes 24 hour before it gets credited, you are dealing with a third party company that causes the extra wait. That is way too long and was one of the reasons why I ditched my BPI prepaid cards. PayMaya only takes 2 hours of waiting instead of 24hours, this only apply for deposits/transfer made before saturday and sunday from 8am to 10pm.


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