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Gcash is now offering a free transfer to any bank from it's app

Gcash is now offering a free transfer to any bank from its app

Gcash is now offering a fast and reliable way to send your cash into your bank account. The feature still has some hiccups like a limitation on how many people can send to any bank at a given time but the feature is here and there is no turning back.

Gcash is also the very first company that offers an easy way to cash out your Paypal money and they are now on another first attempt.

This feature is available on all KYCed accounts. This means that as long as you have already gone the “Know Your Customer” process and have your app upgraded, this feature will be available.

Other features of Gcash that I am enjoying is the GIvest. A platform that offers easy stock market investment using the app. It is presented in the simplest form available and has a minimum investment of P50. This is the cheapest there is especially that I am also investing in another platform from BDO where P1000 is your potential smallest amount to buy stocks.

GCash is the only debit card provider that offers Credit loans via GCredit. A lending type of system with a 5% interest a month. This is still very cheap since the borrowed money can be used to pay bills and do some QR shopping on their partner stores.



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