GCash Mastercard with Beep Review

Gcash Kit Content

Gcash Kit Content

Globe GCash Mastercard with beep review as a comparison.

Globe have released it’s own version of a Beep Chip embedded prepaid credit/debit card for dual use in the internet and for riding MRT and LRT lines. This card was released a day or two ahead of the PayMaya rival from Smart e-Money which was a Visa card  and it packs it’s own advantage over it’s rival.

Sealed GCash Kit

Sealed GCash Kit

What is Globe GCash

Globe’s Gcash is rival service by Globe to combat the widely used  SmartMoney prepaid debit/credit cards. Globe was able to secure a wide range of partners where you can use your Gcash card for discounts and freebies but it lacks the ability to be used on online purchases. Before the Beep Chip enabled cards era, Gcash was purely used as a discount card and an electronic wallet card. One of it’s use was an alternative payment system when buying from malls and groceries.
GCash American Express
Globe comes in two variant, the virtual American Express for virtual pay which cost from P250-P350 for 3 months usage. This is a big inconvenience since the virtual pay access will give you a default american address and an incomplete name (no last name) on the virtual card. This also pose a great issue with online store demanding that the delivery address to match with the billing address which is a common store security procedures.
GCash Mastercard
This variant is the one with the physical GCash card powered by BPI/Globe BangKo with an embedded Beep Chip.

Physical Card Payment
Globe is charging their costumers a P150 fee for the card which comes with P30 Beep load credits and ZERO (P0.00) MasterCard load wallet. They also come with a programmable tri-cut simcard (blank number). The catch, they won’t give you the tri-cut programmable sim card if you will use your GCash MasterCard with your existing Globe sim card which for me sucks. This new sim card can come in different variant and the only thing they differ is the number of digits that you cab change on it’s programmable sim number. Some get a card with 7 programmable digits while some gets a lousy 1 programmable digit.

Globe GCash MasterCard is telco locked, you can only use with your Globe sim card which is a big let down. The Maximum amount the Beep Chip can hold is the same with the ordinary reloadable Beep card limits. I don’t recommend loading more than P500 on the Beep Chip since if you lose the Card, your Beep load wallet will be gone forever.


GCash MasterCard can be used as a tap payment wallet for partner stores using the Tap technology terminals. It is hassle free payment option but due to issues with the infancy of the Tap technology, it fails a lot and it was due to poor integration of the “Tap to Pay” system.

Physical Card Activation
You can get your Physical card on Globe Caravan stores, currently, they are in Laguna for the whole month until they move to a new location. You can get your physical card in less than 2 mins since they stop releasing a customized version. Card cost P150 paid upon claiming and comes with a tri-cut Globe Prepaid sim card however please note that if you just upgrade your virtual GCash account, they wont give you the bundled sim card.

GCash Dashboard

GCash Dashboard


Contact Less Payment (Beep)
GCash MasterCard have a Beep chip embedded inside the card for those who opt for the physical card version. The primary use of the physical card is for card swiping and as contact-less payment for MRT/LRT.

Terminal Less Payment
One of the strong points for GCash MasterCard is the terminal less mode of payment. As long as you can go online and connect your GCash MasterCard account, you can readily pay your bill using the app menu which is a nice feature or using the web version https://mygcash.globe.com.ph/gcashonline/

Loading Methods
You can load up from their various partners or via Bancnet Online but the most preferred way is via DragonPay, this is troublesome for me since you will be forced to load up via a third party bank that uses a third party payment processor. Globe lacks planning on this one.

Beep Chip
There is no direct way as of the moment to reload your Beep chip other than reloading the chip on Beep reloading terminals. I hope this feature can be automated in the coming year 2016.

Sell Eload Denominations to Anyone
This is for me the only advantage of GCash over PayMaya since SmartMoney and PayMaya can only sell load credits to the owner’s sim card. Globe GCash on the other hand can sell airtime load to everyone.

Call Credits Cash-in
Globe GCash have extended the use of your call credits by offering a direct call credit charging when purchasing items with Google Play. This is powered by GCash call credits to GCash virtual debit card purchases. GCash also offers converting your call credits into GCash load wallet deposits and it is a very nice feature if it won’t bugged out 9 out of 10 tries.


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18 Responses

  1. Mark Lamayao says:

    Paano ma access yung Globe Beep Mastercard ko, matagal na ako meron pero until now di ko pa nagagamit. Paano mabuksan ung account ko?

    • First you need a working and existing Gcash account. Link your Beep MasterCard to you Gcash account.

      Second for the Beep chip, you can already use it, load it up from any Beep Partners like BGC bus stations, MiniStop (not all branches have this function, NFC reader is needed), Family Mart, on expressway stations, and even using your CoinsPh account with an NFC capable phone.

      I am using CoinsPH and Samsung J4+ to read and access my Beep MasterCard.

      Both MasterCard electronic chip and the Beep chip have expiration dates.

      MasterCard’s card expiration and electronic chip expiration is printed in the front.
      Beep’s expiration is printed at the back usually at the lower right portion

  2. louie says:

    pwede ko ba i unlink yung lumang sim card ko na na naka link sa gcash ko at papalitan ng new sim number na ililink sa gcash? nawala na kasi yung sim card ko.

  3. Robert Bolos says:

    I’m dissapointed of GCASH SERVICES.. Nagbayad Ako sa puregold gamit ang Gcash Master Card pero na decline lang ng 2 times pero nakaltasan Ako sa GCASH ACCOUNT ko ng 2 times ng total amount ng groceries ko Kaya napilitan na lang Ako mag bayad ng cash sa groceries.. Nireport ko ang nangyari sa Globe Outlet sa SM FAIRVIEW pero walang nangyari Hindi nabalik saken yung nakaltas almost 2 years na ang nakakaraan mula nung nangyari yun..

    • Kahit sinong company kapag 2 year na ay itatag na ang case as closed. Hindi mahirap kausap ang globe, mabilis silang mag refund. Siguraduhing mag report at kompleto ang details kapag nagkaroon ng problema.

  4. Jeremar says:

    Sir, nabasa ko na super slow ng refund ng gcash amex. Sa gcash mastercard, ok ba ang refund? Mabilis naman?

    • Depende sa type ng transaction, I got a refund after 14 working days.Hindi kasama ang weekends and holidays so naging almost 3 weeks siya. My transaction is cancelled shipment ng seller sa isang online store.

  5. Pwede ba ako mag order ng mastercard ng gcash

  6. nayid says:

    i have problems with google play it says that my gcash mastercard number is invalid

    • coderinthebox says:

      Contact GCash support. It is possible that your Gcash card is expired or not yet active.

  7. Nelissa De Leon says:

    Saan pde mkaavail ng globe gcash mastercard po.

  8. John Zenery says:

    Paps, pano ba step by step ng KYC nila. Di ko alam kung pano simulan eh. Gawa ka ng article, suscribe nlang ako.

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