Curriculum Vitae

My PhotoPaul Cyril Lachica
(Coder in the Box)
Software Developer, Data Miner, Web scraper developer,
Brand Protection, Company Director/Board Member
Software Consultant, Database Admin

Phone: 639179684836


A versatile software developer and a database admin with knowledge in different programming languages from C, C++, C#, Visual Studio,  .NET framework and PHP backed by knowledge in LINQ2SQL, LINQ2EF, MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL, Oracle 10G. The best way to solve complex problems is to break them down into smaller problems and solve them one by one.

Professional Background

February 02, 2018 – Present
Software consultant for IFW Global Pty Ltd ACN 165710743

  • Manages the software and database servers of the company and assist the brand protection team on all of their needs including the development of new tools and software to make their job easier. Some of the tools can be considered on the gray area but is a common practice for people collecting data in the brand protection business including those who enforce DMCA.
  • Regular online meetings ensure that everyone is on the right track.


November 15, 2010 – January 31, 2018
Director / Chief Software Engineer for IFW Online Philippines

  • Manage, develop and maintain all kinds of scraping engines, deliver tracking tools to aid the investigation team and Develop and maintain a movie media board monitoring software possible copyright infringement issues.
  • Ensure that the main database gets a regular backup, work with the developer team, brand protection team and investigation team.




I have taken the freedom to take a DISC exam from Tony Robbins. The result can be found on this link

DISC Result
DISC Result

Internet Speed

Internet speed is an issue for online workers and freelancers. My primary Internet speed was recorded at

My primary Internet speed on average speed.
My average internet speed
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