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Good morning netizen, if you want me to review a game, add a tutorial, cover a topic or any other concerns, just feel free to send an email via contact us page. For advertisement needs, send an email to info.@.coderinthebox.com. For complaints, send an email to abuse.@.coderinthebox.com.

I know for the perfectionist, putting my email on the web is like inviting every people to spam me. To cut the story short, yes I got spammed now a lot but I installed a few tricks which remove most of the spam. I don’t want to add a complex way to display my email address or even replace it with an image, it sucks when you can’t easily copy and paste the email address.

What is this blog?

What makes this blog unique? The short answer is none, it is just another one of those many blogs out there on one catch.. this website has optional ads which will be kept on a maximum of 5. I hate clutter.

The contents are semi-random base on daily experiences and contents that I have written earlier but have no time to complete. Most of them will be about software development and starting a new web server.  Recently I found a lot of requests to discuss virtual debit cards and PayPal, I decided to add more of this type of contents.

Cellphone deals contents are also on the rise and I was getting a lot of referrals from Google going to the latest phone post that I made. Maybe I will cover them or maybe not. Time is my constraint and it is hard to balance content writing and daily work.


The Man Behind CoderintheBox

The Man Behind CoderintheBox

A small background

I am blessed to have 2 sets of family. My family of birth and my extended Japanese family have shaped me into what I am now. I want to travel the whole archipelago and see the natural beauty of my country. I have been on a few different countries and have mixed friends from Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Singapore, Japan and Canada. The one thing I want to witness most is the Sakura festival in Kyoto on my birth month where the blossoms fall.

The only objective I have professionally is to build a thinking machine that can grab information all around its environment including the web where most of the data are readily available for processing. The process will be step by step starting from a responding, recording and learning software up to a prototype mechanical shell.

My previous researches include self-learned neural network algorithm for a thinking software. This process gives me a lot of failures before I successfully created one with a thinking capacity of 4-5 years old. Storage then was an issue.

Being an open source community member, I searched the archives and forums of techniques to solve this brick wall/limitation.

The Great Outdoor

The Great Outdoor

Artistic Side

On the other side a musician.. for years I am trying to master to play the flute without any mentor, it was hard to start things and learn without a guide. I am also a drummer and can play by rhythm and memory however with lack of good equipment, I drop that on my list of my priorities. I never learned to play the guitar, perhaps the lack of interest and probably the knowledge that there were so many people playing guitars.

I am also a painter, I love to paint flora and fauna scenes. I love using pastel colors and acrylic if the choice is limited. The beauty of the earth fascinates me more than the clutter of the urbanized city who patronize artificial parks, artificial aquariums, and artificial flora/fauna.

I also draw using charcoal and cray-pass (preferably a Sakura brand) with my favorite subject being drawn is the destruction of the environment. Sometimes, I believe that humans are the parasite to the planet, only a parasite tries to kill a host like most humans do.

This Website is owned and operated by Coder Haus (Online Eloading / Remittance / Freelance Web programming ).

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